Wednesday, May 13, 2009

humpday hagathon

eevee update--- she does have a tumor. we just don't know if it is benign or not. i wasn't there, but the way i understand it is this is one of those things.. just like with people, i reckon, that it could go either way. the older the dog, the higher the chance of malignancy. bad thing? well.. worse than that possibility--- they want almost 900.00 for the surgery. to remove it. ugh. we don't have it. the other "owners" said in the contract that they would pay any vet bills that weren't due to negligence. obviously, this is not our fault. it's not like we let her out to be run over or something. so we are hoping they will cover the expenses. we are also hoping that whatever it is it is benign. of course no testing will be done on the tumor til it's out of her. so-- again... we wait, and worry.

as for me--- my mamogram and ultrasound crap-- i'm just trying to put on hold til i can get to a different dr. this week sucks as far as the cash flow goes. ugh. soulkid got 61.00 worth of fillings yesterday-- and dear ole mom got 120.00 worth of meds. aint it great??? not even good meds . bummer.

what else? oh! i think i have mentioned it here-- but maybe not. anyhow-- i know i have bitched about the weight gain. well, i checked online a couple weeks ago or so to see which , if any of my meds could be doing it-- and coumadin was one i looked up--- even though i have told the dr i suspected the coumadin of causing the weight gain, headaches, and even the being over tired -- they deny it. but there are places online - like message boards-- people have gained as much as sixty pounds on this crap--- in a hurry. 4 , 5, 6 months. i think i was at like my 3rd or 4th month on it, when i noticed the weight gain. i suspected the headaches first-- cuz they were daily when i first started takin this. neuro said-- no, can't be. well... hello--- hundreds of other people have all my symptoms---and more. so WTF??? i'm not gonna wait for any of these dumbass dr's to clear me to go off this shit-- i'm takin myself off, as of right now. i'm so pissed off i could scream. it even causes depression, and confusion-- 2 of the reasons i went into the nuthouse-- thinkin it was the chantix. maybe it wasn't the chantix that made me crack up-- maybe it was the damn coumadin... and i was almost quit. ugh. i hate meds-- and i hate dr's... and it really really sucks that i have to depend on both just to get theough the day. dammit.

so-- on that happy note--- i'm gonna take said meds-- excluding the evil coumadin. and hit the road. i have errands to run, stuff to do, and i'm actually havin lunch with a friend today.
could it be i'm getting somewhat normal again?
now all i need is for the damn wind to stop blowing, and a day without rain. i'll be set---

later peeps---
happy humpday!