Wednesday, April 15, 2009

oh what a morning already

i guess goin fishin yesterday wasn't the brightest of ideas. i thought it would help stretch out my back-- and make me feel better. ugh , boy was i wrong!

i feel like i have been stampeded by a herd of longhorn cattle. seriously. i am a little more limber now-- but the bURN is still there. i reckon the shots the other day have not worked. i wonder if they will? the botox didn't several months ago when i tried that. guess i'm just doomed to this crap. but this morning was pretty bad. i could hardly move -- until the meds kicked in. damn shots made me double up -- now i'll be out way too soon. dammit. how they expect thirty pills--- prescribed at on ever 8 hours-- is sposed to last 30 days-- is just beyond me. i'm not good at math-- but i know that is off. ugh.

so anyhow-- thanks everybody for your suggestions on yesterdays post-- i will be meeting up with her tomorrow afternoon to discuss the portrait. and i spose give her some money. i think if i just pay her the fifty-- and not take the frame-- she oughtta be ok. insulted a bit-- but ok. she really is a much better artist than what she has shown us here. i saw her sketch almost daily for weeks. and loved it all--- i think the problem is-- faces. why she accepted this project--if she can't draw faces- is beyond me. but oh well.
just as long as i get my photo back i will be happy.

what else?
oh! we are gonna finally take our "vacation".. we are supposed to go every year for one week--- we have owned this timeshare for like 6 years i think-- and stayed a full week...maybe-- once. we decided it was just time to get the hell outta doge for a while. so we are. hubby had some vacation.. so he took this week off-- in case i would be in too much pain to drive -- the kid to school, and to appointments-- but i have seemed to do ok as far as that goes. but he had more-- it's kinda use it or lose it-- so he is taking that week off too... the last week of the month. i'm ready. i really like it out there. it's near tyler--and also close enough to lake fork to have a day or so out there of some real texas fishin. weather permitting, that is. my ten pounder is waiting for me there-- you know that right...

as for the kid and the seperate weekend trips with each of us-- that is still in the works.
i have no idea what to do in austin-- i'm hoping i can talk her into going somewhere else. just not sure where. somewhere not too far away-- or too expensive.

i still think that she and her dad need to go to NM to see her gramma. (his mom). she hasn't been doing too great lately-- so they need to go. i love her too-- i just will not go to NM. not now-- maybe not ever. ugh.;

i think that's about it for now-- again -- thank you ALL for your input on the portrait-- i was afraid it was just my image in my mind vs her image of what she could see. ya know?
anyhow-- i'll get that worked out tomorrow--and let y'all know how it goes.

happy humpday

i have a full work around the house day today-- what are YOU doin?