Friday, August 27, 2010

MORE testing

and it looks GOOOOD !
check z last comment box - i said howdy there :))

me thinks i overdid it on the steroids !  does that look like moon head to you?  or just dorky me?

gotta go -- i'm a busy soul lately.  someday i'll get a break :)) ya think?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

could it be? am i posting? test - test ?

short test post.  been messin with this for hours .  once again.  this cut-off from my peeps, and lack of blabbin my head off in here is literally drivin me crazy.  mental-crazy-depressed.   c-r-a-z-y!!!
bleh.  maybe i'm finally gettin somewhere?  never can tell tho.  spose i'll try again tomorrow.
speak to me-- at least let me know if anyone reads or checks in anymore eh?

miss every one of ya!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

have no idea what to do

i am postin on my desktop/ on explorer right now. ugh. usin an on screen keyboard/with my MOUSE.  very difficult for me in every physical way that you could imagine.
that, my friends, is devotion!

i miss y'all  i miss postin and visiting = it sure aint for lack of  tryin!

happy almost friday y'all

Saturday, August 14, 2010

dirty pictures / photo challenge

late again but finally up

feelin dirty?

i am runnin way later than planned on everything so i am outta heah

byyyyyyyyyyyye folks!

NOTE -- we made it !  ugh.  half hour of recovery time - now it's off to shop. oh and you know - shoppin and drivin are surely my most favorite things in life.

anyhow--  i tried my hardest to post this before we left home this mornin, but as per usual, i was not able to.  so -- here ya go.  extremely late -- don't hate :))

once again - i talk too much - comment to post :))

hi y'all -- i just popped in to say howdy -- saw y'all (thanks for the sympathy's - they are so needed!)  you can see that i am post-poning this journey as long as possible.  ;))

still havin coffee, and chillin.  next i have to get my laundry ready that that has been in the dryer all night long-- i just re-ran it to get the wrinkles out.  i hate doin laundry. :((  if i don't finish it tho- i will have NUTHIN to wear.

also - i remembered - when comin in here that i NEED to find dirt photos for the photo challenge .  as usual-- it slipped my mind.  i planned to take - or find some pix last night.  did i?  hell no.  i will tho.  i gotta get my clothes finished - then i'll toss a few pix up.  then i MUST get my self ready to get on the road.

y'all be safe and have great weekends in your worlds !

and just in case i don't have to tell ya -- this has obviously become my post for today ;))

latah -

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13TH Y'all

i hope y'all have better plans for the night than we do here.  do ya?  tell me about em k?
all that's happenin around the soul crib tonight is watchin the boob-tube , and scarfin down some of soulmans sushi - to go that he's bringin home.  i had a late lunch/early dinner' with soulkid earlier .
no. it was no good.  fish from a burger joint is only not natural.  it shouldn't be trusted.  it was awful.  no alternative tho.  i ate it, and questioned it later.  huge mistake.

anyhow.  soulkid has a friend here for the night - they are out , then tomorrow we are gonna go bum around in austin and school shop.  they will make sure that i am dead before we make it home on sunday.  so my plan is, that if i am able i will use facebook on my phone to keep in touch with y'all, but if for some reason that fails to work out - or if i die prematurely; i will contact the authorities -- or someone here when i return.  :))

love you guys -
hugs and kisses

Don't fear - I'm still here. (sorta )

hello peoples, and peoplettes :))  i'm finally able to post here - but it seems a little late for that.  it was a huge surprise when i just realized i was actually posting, when i didn't think i'd be able to.  just figured i'd give it a shot.  i wondered if anyone was lookin for me?  i contacted as many folks (readers and blog friends - (or real friends who read here :))   but that still left several of y'all who i don't know how to get a hold of  me out there - who just may wonder if i kicked the bucket or somethin.

nope.  just decided to make a move.  hoping for less computer and blog issues.  i'm still havin some issues, but it seems i can find my way thru the rough spots and manage alright at the new place.

if anyone wants to swing by and see me -- or anyone you may follow from here that ya just want to keep up with-- swing on by and have a look at the place.  obviously, i'm still workin on it.  it's just a baby at this point.  someday it'll take on the old comfy dive coffee shop feel again.

anyhow -- hope to see y'all over there.  while you're here could ya clean up a little?  i'd hate to see the place get too run down.  :))

see y'all soon.

until then,  ore vois - happy trails --  and be happy in your worlds -- today and every day !

Thursday, August 12, 2010

my new first post ! welcome folks !

ola y'all! have ya missed me? i been goin insane not bein able to blog for so long. (shaddup- i hear you already - no it wasn't a long trip) :))
and you know my memory... every day i have had tons to blab about -- and no where to put it all. finally after what has to be at least a couple, maybe a few weeks, my sis tells me on the phone - why fight all these problems? just see if you can open a NEW blog. it was like the angels sang ! it also made me feel very very stupid. just in case i had to inform you. it did. i have spent the last two hours trying to figure out how to move my other blog to this one -- obviously, i have failed at that mission. sad to say. if anyone can help me in that area , please do. my daily , if not hourly fear, is losing the contents of "soul survivor". -- if you don't already have it linked - i'll get that on here soon as i can, cuz today -- have you guessed? my computer is on hallucinogenics !!!!!!! making me wish that i could be too. hey. just for a minute. i don't do that kinda thing. and y'all know- even if i did, it would be a total waste of time and money - cuz well aside from that - cuz i never tried it -- but drugs do nothing for me. bummer huh?

anyhow-- i better go for now-- just wanted to try this out - and let y'all know i'm still breathin. and also that i feel horrible for those of you that i have neglected or lost contact with. i have done the best i could with what i got-- which is my iphone. and ya know i'm blind. so it aint much.
just know i miss you all like crazy -- and i really hope i can get my blog back in one piece . i feel soooo alone.

talk to me peeps ! even if you think i can't - i CAN see you - sometimes i just can't talk back to ya <3 X0

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'M IN !

i'm on my laptop ! i'm on friggin explorer :(( but i'm in !

hello ! at this point this is just a test. i have no idea if it's gonna post - or even work at all. mozilla still won't work. i have no idea as to why it's doin me that way . it is like that on every computer in the house. (three). ugh. it's killin me. i've all but given up. it's kind of a nice break actually. or it would be - if it wasn't so damn frustrating. no thinkin - no pressure - no checkin for posts, messeges etc. but the fact that i can't do ANY type of editing on this thing -- not even to cut and paste when i screw up words - or if my cursor moves to the wrong place and i find i've written half a paragraph where it doesn't belong -- or my photos won't go where i want them to. ugh -- not to mention the fact that i have LOST everything. EVERYTHING - aside from photos - from my laptop this passed several days - in my million and twenty five attempts to fix the damn thing. that's the worst of this entire mess. all the stuff i lost. almost three years of medical research. videos. poems.. once again- bits and pieces of my DAMN book. it's crap. three years of my thoughts, research, memories- that y'all know i can't ever get back -- are GONE! it's just sad-- for me -- and through it all... the frickin laptop still isn't workin .

good part? i found out i do still have a short time -- like less than 60 days left on my warranty !

apparantly i can still get it fixed (maybe) by dell. just a matter of sittin on hold with them for 2 hours. i spose i shall be doin that sometime today. now that is some fun shit.

ok. i spose i'm more upset about this whole thing than i realized. maybe i should just go before i end up just bitch-festing again. i really don't mean to be a crybaby so much. bleh.

i do miss y'all. and once i get things settled around here-- computer probs, kid in school, trips all finalized, soulkids car bought - and drivers license fixed and gotten. (is that a word?) - ugh -- this isn't even to mention my body paralyzing - immobilizing to even think about - disaster of house to clean... omg- i have so much to do i can't stand it. but when i get back on track in life-- i'll be back to my old self - and boy do i have some stories to tell- pictures to show- videos to share (if i ever make em :)) -- this has been the busiest summer we've had in years -- that wasn't full of tragedy - or illness, police and hospitals. we have had a blast !!! i am sure ready for it to be over tho-- cool off, settle down, and get back to my slow, sloth, quiet, clean house havin, life :))

i'll catch yall latah -- hope you all are doin well -- have happy days in your worlds -- looks like i need a day off in mine-- but i have lots to do :))