Wednesday, November 30, 2016


hi y'all.  what do you feel like reading about today?  it'd be nice if this was in 'real time' and you could tell me that now --- because i have zero direction to go in on a topic.  all i know is that i feel like writing 'something' - and also - i don't want to let too much time pass without making a presence here.  that never works out well.  it only makes it easier to stay away ... to stay in my cave , and not reach out to y'all.
i am sure there are folks that i don't know who will stumble in here -- so just so ya know -- most of the time i will say y'all...and that is mainly directed to the  people who have been reading here since the inception of this blog.  but don't let that deter you from continuing on with 'us'... because all are welcomed here.
i plan to get back in the swing of really staying up with my writing here.  and in doing that, it might be an interesting read for anyone.  many different things happen in my world, just about any single person could find something relatable here.

allow me to introduce myself.....
i'm half a century old.  married almost half of that.  i have a wonderful daughter who is 22 years old, and pre- engaged to be married.  yup--- those who know us--- congratulations are in order.... we have a son in law to be ---and we much approve and welcome him into our soul-clan.  my hubs is a really great guy --.
we have lots of animals... not as many as we used to have -- due to a really crazy terrible day 3-4 years ago when two of our pets died on the very same day -- within hours of each other -- with two totally separate causes .  but for now --- we have three dogs and one cat -- here...and my girl has a dog and a cat at her place.  not long ago ALL these animals were living here.  there was another cat -- who refused to use the litter box who about a year ago we had to rehome.  but he is doing well and happy now that he is in a new home and the only pet.
recently i thought of getting myself another dog -- but that idea didn't last long.  all that took was our male to be a butthead to my girls dog when they came for a visit.
  yeh Tuco.  he is a character.  he is a National PSA champion dog -- but he also has an ego just as big.  him and Chewie (my dog--a service dog) -- seem to never get along.  they have sent each other to the vet for injuries and infections from their brawls.  so yeh, we just can't have another animal until or unless we have some land.  for now all we have is a neighborhood lot -- not big enough for a pack of matter how well they are trained.  once they get hold of each other - it is near impossible to separate them.
speaking of 'separating'  :))  our girl..jessie, just returned home about an hour ago from a send-off to be impregnated.  did it take?  well, we don't know for sure yet -- her and the male prospect only 'tried' one time.  so- you will know when i know if we will have baby malinois runnin around and tumbling down the stairs.  that will be fun, but i also expect much stress along with a litter of pups.
what else?  married, daughter, almost son-in-law, lots of animals, a service dog, -- which obviously leads to the unspoken disabilities that i have--- -- yeh -- that's about it .  that's who i am - in a nutshell.  always subject to change -- because i do have 'aspiring author' on my resume as well.
stick around.  see what happens.  ya never know round here.

have happy days in your worlds -- i shall.