Sunday, February 28, 2010

i saw the witch doctah the witch doctah said

"you should stick to fishin, dumbass"

ok, so he didn't use those exact words. but i do ok at mind reading -- occasionally.

i have thus far been scolded by my spouse, my child, my sister, and the dr. not to mention myself. i knew better. i simply wanted the dresser down here because i was trying to get my office back in order. it was a literal hell pit. boxes of books, photos, pic frames, a box of tax crap that still awaits my attention-- that i lack-- as well as motivation. my office had become a catch- all. it had gotten to the point that over a month has passed that i don't even sit in here anymore -- this morning is the first time i've been in here since , possibly christmas. i don't know what happened. i had plans -- they just didn't seem to be working out. some things trickled out-- while others poured in. and i couldn't stand to look at it-- much less sit in the midst of it. ya know?

so-- the computer cam the other day -- my perfect motivation to get the office back in order-- get the mini tv out and a bigger one back in here, i love my couch i got in here -- it is much easier to maneuver than the one in the living room.. this one has reclining handles-- the living room ya have to use your legs and lemmee tell ya somedays-- that is a problem. i get stuck in there. for real.

so. yesterday -- i was motivated to just get the shit done. i felt strong. i felt motivated. the kitchen was no longer holding me back, cuz that was done and outta the way. soulman and soulkid were gone-- she had a driving class scheduled and he had stuff to do-- so that left me time alone to get down and dirty with no distractions to do my work. i get a lot more done alone that with people hangin around.

so i got the office to a point that it was time to get the dresser down here. i figured if i put it on it's top- it wouldn't be too heavy and i would have more control of it.
HA! boy was i wrong. the damn thing must weigh more than half of me -- and as soon as i got it on the stairs ? it was like a runaway train --- and i was holdin for dear life !!!
i don't know if that was good or bad... but it sure didn't feel good.

all this happened around 1030-1045 . my body was between the banister and the chest. well -- when i started? i was behind it. when it got away from me - i ended up between it, and the wall. and by the time it crashed into the wall, and stopped? i was on my ass, and more in front of it. it all happened really fast actually. so i can only imagine what it all must have 'looked like'.

i had several words and phrases go thru my mind rather quickly before i rose to my feet. as you can well imagine. such as.
'you dumbass, you knew better'
'you shoulda waited for soulman'
shit! what if you broke a rib!'
go sit down and chill a while-- and don't smoke!'

so-- yeh, i did, i went and sat down on the couch, drank a little water, my hands were shaking-- it was scary yall, i never fell like that-- downstairs with a dresser dragging me , before. alone. in my physical condition. and i really couldn't hardly breathe. that was the worst part. the not bein able to breath. that scared me. i wondered if punctured a lung. and with my passe lung deal? and knowing i have an injury (an infarct/scar - on one -- that would not be good)

so-- i just took a couple pain pills, sat for a while til i could breathe, and chilled, til my hands stopped shaking. then i called soulman. just to let him know what happened. i didn't want him to stop what he was doin or anything. i felt by then that i would be alright, i didn't really think anything was broken... or if it was, i didn't think it was like a punctured lung like i did before. the meds were beginning to help. and i was even about to get back to work. i just wanted him to know-- well, in case he came home and i was in worse case than i thought i might be in.

well... the meds kicked in and did fine-- not without residual pain, and shortness of bresth, but i was able to get the office finished , and ready for computer hookup, and tv hook-up. neither of which are finished -- cuz i did end up goin to one of those 'care-now' places for an ex-ray. cuz once the meds totally wore off-- it became unbearable. so me- never having broken a rib-- i thought i should get it checked out. if i didn't have the shortness of breath and lung pain-- i may have rode it out-- cuz i'm only allowed to get pain meds from my pain doc -- i didn't think they really did anything else if it woulda been broke-- so i was mainly concerned about any lung damage. so i had hubby take me down the road-- maybe about 5 pm.

results? no break. contusions. take pain meds- and ice it.

ice it? my ass i will. ice on me makes me cry.
i did use my heating pad-- and that seemed to help a bit. i also was forced to bed early-- sitting up hurts, laying down is better-- but after a while even that gets painful. which brings me to the fact of waking up like three times in the night to take a pill--- the fourth time at like 2:45-- i just stayed up-- the pain was really bad -- and i knew i just needed to get UP at that point. so i did. and here i am.

leave it to me, right?

and smocha--- you are exactly right-- that's what the doc said-- big breaths-- cuz little breaths -- can cause pneumonia. yippee--- big breaths are painful. but pneumonia is even more painful.

so. as for any fishin in the near future? that won't be happening. and neither will anything else that requires movement or breathing.

yay me---

but hey-- it really could have been worse.
one of these days- i will realize -- ok, accept, the fact that i have shriveled up to a no- muscle tone ole lady.

good meds make me not as strong as i think sometimes.

but hey-- on the bright side? i got the job done--- right?

happy sunday -- hope the sun is shinin--
i missed a wonderful sunny day yesterday---
if today is like yesterday--- i must find a way to at least get out somehow - for some reason.

i refuse to lay in bed all day-- altho that is the most comfy position at this time-- snow is in the near forecast-- and i don't want to miss another sunny day.

hopefully y'all are safe and happy today-
don't do anything stupid :))