Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my mind is a blank, but my fingers won't shut up !

mornin folks -

if ya came over yesterday -- sorry i didn't post. i did answer folks who left comments below tho -- in case ya missed those. i was just bitchy. i mean busy. err, sorry.

anyhow-- really, i was busy. not busy as i could have or should have been. but i was workin on somethin - or other - almost all day long. and when i wasn't -- i was recoverin'. i ended up spendin my smoke and choke - blog time-- makin my list -- and catchin up on bills, that -- yup , i was still behind on. maaaan. that's enough to give me a panic attack these days. it seems the smallest of things upsets me lately -- and if you know me at all -- bills, are no small thing to me.

on top of that, i had to come home from droppin the kid off at school, and do the litter. ugh. that was so sickening. i won't go into details. but i will say -- that damn 'yesterdays news' litter , made from recycled newspaper? never use that. we had to use it for the post de-claw days. it supposedly cuts down on the chance of infection.. hmm.. i don't know how-- it seems to hold the odor and soppy mess worse than any other i have ever seen.
ok--- yes i got off track a bit-- anyhow-- our litter box is kept in our "under the stairs closet" . yes the princess cats have their own private potty room. anyhow-- soulkid changed their litter like 1-2 nights before, accidentally - or maybe, lazily using the newspaper litter, and by yesterday morning? - the entire downstairs smelled like a -- i don't know... an animal clinic? a pound? just horrid, is the best i can come up with. it was enough to make me gag. i woke her up early-- told her it was trash day-- told her to come down early with enough time to switch this litter out for the good stuff. ugh. do you think she did? no she didn't. do you think i was happy? no, i wasn't. we got in the car-- more than 5 minutes -- late-- and i bitched about the damn litter, and about five other things that I would have to pick up the slack for that day. let's just say -- it surely was like a ride with 'gran gran'. and no- i wasn't proud of myself. but at least i told her i loved her when she got out at school. ehem.

so-- yep-- i had to go pick up eevees' tumor removal estimate first--- i'll come back to that part ... but it's good.
then i came home and had to hurry and do the damn litter before the garbage man came. while i was at it-- i went ahead and gathered other trash around the house-- and my car-- and fridge-- that soulman didn't have time to catch before headin to work. by then - the one can he set on the street-- had turned into two cans on the street. go me :))

also on my mind is -- the dogs are OUT of food -- empty bowl -- empty bag -- OUT of food! i'm pissed off about that. wondering how in the hell, am i to go to sams, and get a fifty pound bag of dog food??? also, how am i supposed to get it into my car??
and once again--- this makes me angry about my entire life. why? because once upon a time-- i could lift a 100 pounds-- tool box, bag of sandblast sand, name it -- at work or home-- i could do it -- no matter how big or small- i did what i had to do.
yesterday i had to face my weakness and displeasure of it once again. gettin dog food was of course near the top of my list for the day--- but as the day wore on--yep--and on. and on. i never made it. i gave in. gave up. whatever. but i let soulman get it after work. which was the original plan anyhow. i just hated the doggies bein hungry all day. even tho i gave them snacks and stuff.

so-- lets get back to eevee since i'm on animals --- her tumor estimate. with no testing, or any 'optional' bs. the simple removal of it, will cost 280.00 . we will have to tack on the 28.50 for a nausea shot-- cuz we know she doesn't handle the anesthesia well at all. but still... that is doable folks. unfortunately they won't take payments. but that's ok too. we don't want to put her through that right now anyways. not right after she had such a hard time with the spay.
not to mention-- Christmas etc right around the corner. she's lived with it this long-- surely she can go another couple months. right? ya. that's what i say too.
but she will definitely be having that thing removed very soon. and i am sure she will be a happier dog for it.

ok ? -- oh , back to yesterday -- not that i ever left. anyhow. y'all know already i kill anything in the plant category right? well, you also know that i sit in my office a lot, and when i do, i look outside.. right outside is my flowerbed. it's the first thing i see. well lately- the overgrowth of it, has been driving me nuts... but i really wasn't sure what to do about it. so, i went out yesterday to feed the kitties... more on that comin in a sec too-- ugh--- anyhow-- when i went out, i saw the old lady that used to live here. when they sold us the house she moved in next door with her daughter and grand kids-- her husband moved in with his son--while their new house got built. anyhow-- i asked her, how did you take care of this overgrowth? would you believe that the lady stopped her own yard work-- and came over here, and started workin in MY flower bed. omg. i was embarrassed , and i tried , more than once to stop her. i kept saying, i just wanted some tips, i didn't mean for you to do the work. she kept saying she likes it, and didn't mind etc... it only took her ten minutes-- and the bed looked great! while she was doin that -- even usin electric hedge trimmers i might add -- i sat in the chairs with her little grand-daughter, who was simply adorable-- to keep her away from the hedgers etc, and occupied, etc so she wouldn't run off, or get hurt. i really enjoyed that. most of you have NO idea how long i have avoided young children.. and yesterday i enjoyed the company of a child. it was nice.

so. anyhow she was off just as quick as she came, and offered to help any time. their house will be finished the beginning of December tho-- by then everything in the yard will be dead. so i will just learn from her little lesson-- which i must say- was embarrassingly easy- and i could do that job on my ass if i had to. so i greatly appreciated her help. (and yes..... i feel weird having something like that done for 'free' - so later when i went to get my el cheapo "dog food tacos" from - well.. an un-named fast food place near by--- i got a gift card that would buy their family dinner-- some night-- and took it over later on.) she obviously chased me back to my yard-- trying not to accept it- saying she wanted to do it-- but she is old-er... and i could just see she was tired... so i thanked her again and told her to just take the night off-- she accepted it.... but not before she tore some viney things off the tree on the dividing fence between our yards. i could only help, and chuckle. i hope i have half her energy when i'm -- ummm... 60 sumthin?
anyhow-- obviously after cleaning-trimming the bed out there-- i had to rake and sweep etc.. so do i have to also say-- it didn't help my back for the rest of the day one bit? that's when i scratched the dog food off the list. ugh. right along with the duvet cover search. and a few other errands. whatever else i did, i did from home -- until--

soulkid called from the nurses office at school... i had to go get her early cuz she didn't feel good. bummer. but nuthin major. honestly, i just think she's been screwin around and stayin up too late. grrrrrrr.. cuz not three minutes after we got home? she was in MY bed--- not having to tackle the stairs... sleepin like a baby. she stayed that way for about two hours. was i jealous? you know it. i needed a nap myself--
'what about me? what about my needs?' :))

so. that was my yesterday. or at least enough of it to make you sick. sorry.

as for my today? i do have an appointment that is just too close to a few stores with duvet covers to talk myself out of goin. so i most definitely will be making that search today. i will update you on that endeavor on my return..or maybe in the morning.

ok-- can ya hang in for just a couple more boring things? no more complaining-- i promise.

1- follow this link to read about how mental real fisherman can get.
i've been keepin up on this story for a week or two. this guy 'allegedly' cheated in a fishing tournament recently -- at a texas lake. no cheap tourney either. the payout was thousands of dollars! a guide on lake fork said he had caught - a similar- fish with him, and took it 'home' to show a buddy. ehem. suuuuure. he showed his buddy on a string under the water at lake ray hubbard . hmmm. next? at weigh in... this guy would have won the tournament-- but when they put this fish in a tank-- usually they are released-- the fish was put in a tank-- and SANK! he couldn't swim, move or anything. (how many more fish has this guy KILLED this way- i wonder)
so anyhow-- now this guy is back peddling, and denying everything. but that day--- he apologized. he has a wife and a kid or two. they are all ruined.
think about the difference one - one pound weight-- in a five fish bag at weigh in would make in a tournament guys. and extra five pounds? in tourneys that pay out over 100.000 dollars? people want to beat this guy up! and worse.
anyhow to read more about the cheatin bastard - go here:

ok-- i will let y'all go -- even tho i have more to say. i wanted to tell you about the kitties. i have a funny tale to tell :)) but i'll have to save it. boy do i feel foolish -- luckily all 3 of us do on this one , it's not just ME this time :))

anyhow peeps , i hope you all have happy days in your worlds today-
another busy one for me here-