Wednesday, October 7, 2009

new day-- new crap to bitch about :))

howdy folks--
hope your day is starting well -- or going well -- or ending well --
hell, i don't know when you stop by--
so -- hope YOU are doin well -- whenever it is. :))

yup-- new day -- new can - o- worms
eegads. if it aint one thing, it's another. i shoulda known better the other day when i say those cursed words -- "what's next". in fact, i DID know better, and i almost changed that phrase to something else. i just wasn't in the thinking mood so i left it. ha-- big mistake. i know i should never say that-- i even wrote a poem about never asking 'what's next'. (a long time ago)

ok-- enough of the rambling . ugh.

whaddaya wanna hear first? the good, the ok, or the not ok??

crap! i'll start with the good... cuz you already know i'll crybaby in here somewhere -- right :))

anyhow.... looks like soulkid is on the mend. she survived yesterday with no more puking. yippee. no fever. looks better. and she talked my head off aaaallll day long. so. she is getting ready to go to school, as we 'speak'.
that's good.

as for Spot. she's better as well. i left my bedroom door open for about two seconds too long and she was ooutttaaa there! she took one look at Eevee and ran upstairs. then came down a while later-- i was at my door at that time , eevee looked right at her-- she had the choice to run in my room for safety, or turn the other way- and take her chances. (all her fear of eeveee is in her own mind-- eevee is scared to death of all cats! :))
but she went the other way. she's done with her jail sentence and is roaming free now. happy happy happy. somewhere. my little brown recluse.

jitterbug is still in recovery-- i need to keep her in there at least another day or two. she is still in obvious pain, and taking meds for that. spot is off pain meds and doin fine. both are still on antibiotics tho.

ok. now. can i whine? i'm not really gonna whine. it might sound like it-- but i'm just gonna tell ya what's goin on. well. i told ya how soulkid is seeming better, and goin to school. i told ya her symptoms didn't sound flu-like -- not really anyhow. but i was worried about that. k.. well. anyhow-- yesterday, i made her a dr. appointment for today anyways-- just in case she wasn't better she could get checked out by the doc.
but wait there's more. isn't there always? well.. yesterday morning... i was playing with the new 'futuristic' thermometer :

(similar to this type)

i had bought to keep an eye on soulkids temp--- but what do i find??? just guess.
ugh. yup- you guessed it--- I had a fever! ME. I never ever ever have a fever. EVER.
in fact my 'normal' temp is a complete degree lower than 'your normal'. always. 97.6
is what my temp runs. almost always. give or take a point. yesterday-- i ran three degrees high--- two after tylenol. all flippin day! did i panic??? you bet i did.
i didn't even run a temp when i had mono AND bronchitis at the same time. not one degree. not one point. nuthin. i never get a temp! i always contribute that to the Addisons disease. i've heard folks with compromised immune systems rarely- if ever will run a temp. that's why 'we' have to make sure we aren't sick in other ways .. watch for other symptoms.. etc. and also-- stay away from sick people.
but what do you think i did the other day-- well night? oh yes i did. i think it was saturday night. maybe friday. right before even soulkid got sick. we all went to the movies. again. THE dumbest thing a person could do in FLU season!!! eegads! someone needs to kick my ass!!!
so. guess what else? i have a fever this morning as well. peachy. just flippin wonderful! guess who's goin to the dr.???? yep. right again.
ME. with my sneezing. coughing. head-aching. fevery dumb ASS.
omG--- someone haelP me-- and cross your fingers that its 'just a cold'.

holy criznap. i never said i was the brightest crayon in the box-- but holy cow. the movies???? in flu season? with addisons??

niiiice move soul.

stay well folks-- it's a dangerous world out there---

oh hell how could i forget THIS---
guess what ELSE!
thank GOD it aint MY girl-- but y'all do remember dumbass don't you--- oh i guess i should elaborate--- since there are so many in my life----

i speak of the one and only --- dumbass that has kept the drug rehab system alive in this area. yes the dumbass that soulman beat up at the mall last year. remember now?? yup. him.
he's baaaaack. ugh. just hearing his name the other day made me tremble with rage.
y'all just don't get it. soulkid told me one of her good friends--- who has also been to rehab -- because of dumbass i might add. ugh. is once again hanging out with this guy. he must be 19 years old by now. still hangin out with little kids. there MUST be somethin i can do. i know she isn't my kid. but we all know she is only settin herself up-- and he is right there to pull her down. it's just a matter of time.
i've already told soulkid-- she is strictly forbidden to get in a car with that girl- or any of that girls friends... NOR will she be staying the night over there. those kids they will only set her up to end up where he is. she knows it and i know it--
she of course then regretted telling me about any of that at all. but what am i supposed to do???? that boy is the devil. EVERY kid in this town that has shared air with that guy has ended up in rehab--- some more than once. thank God none have died. that i know of.

ok.. that was a bitch fit-- but that makes me angry. y'all know that. ugh. i was actually chilled while he was moved away-- now he's back to poison all these kids who were cleaning up their lives. ummm... not if i can help it!

ok-- y'all can go now--

happy trails- :))