Tuesday, April 24, 2007

photos and stuff, and tornadoes ...again

see this cute little dog? well, this is Sushi !

and...see the below picture?

well, once upon a time, those were my slippers !!!! UNTIL Sushi found them...and ATE THEM !!
i told you; she has some issues !

a couple weekends ago...i actually went outside !!!!

AND, yesterday, i got my hair cut !!!!!

And THEN.... in the midst of a bad hair day...today,
i realized something..... CRAP! I REALLY REALLY need to have hubby frost my damn hair ! ASAP !!!!!

(frosted hair photo coming soon)

i did just notice something...can anybody see the difference in my appearance inside, vs. outside?? i see it...and i hate it. i look like death warmed over. (inside) it seems the one taken outside, i just don't look so a ill.
odd huh?


well... i just got out of the bathroom (tornado shelter) , yet again.
seems like i was just in there a couple weeks ago, with my kid and all 4 animals...oh ya...i was! only this time, hubby was in there with us! the sirens were going off and everything. wild!
it's still lightening and thundering....yikes...that was a big one! it stopped raining, and everything settled down, but i have a feeling we will probably be doing the animal round-up again sometime tonight. it's pretty bad.
earlier today, and wouldn't ya know, it was right when i needed to go pick my daughter up from school? right before it was time to leave the sky opened up on us. it was pretty hectic. and of course there were twice as many cars in line at school to get their kids in the bad weather. finally someone rolled by , don't know if it was staff, or a parent, but she drove by all the cars in line, and told us that the school wouldn't release kids until a parent went inside to get them. oh that was just great. it wa POURING rain, lightening, thundering, just insane. so, i had to get out of the car in this mess, and actually run. me! running through a terrible thunder / rain storm, in a tornado watch! i haven't actually "ran" for any reason, in literally years. i bet i looked like a jackass. or better yet, a drunk jackass. but i got in there, and i had to find my kids class...ugh. i finally found it, and by this time i was all anxiety ridden. i just wanted to get my kid home...and soon. but i find her, and she just stands there chattin it up, while i'm there calling her name...trying to get her to move her ass and get the hell home. she obviously didn't realize what was goin on. i finally got her out of there...and had to RUN back to the car...it was that or drown...or even possibly be struck by lightening. my daughter however, was too cool to be seen running across the school yard with her mother. ugh. i was almost at panic attack stage; and she didn't waste ANY time to inform me of how severely i had embarrassed her ! well, excuuuuuse the hell outta me, for trying to get you home before a tornado sucked your ass up quicker than dorothy and toto !
so, anyhow, yep. we got home ok, didn't end up in the bathroom til the few minutes i just mentioned. it was no where near as bad as the friday the 13th one...but it was just as nerve wracking.
so anyhow...needless to say....during the bad weather and having to watch the weather, i did not get my hair frosted. yet. besides i am flat exhausted, and ready to go to sleep. i don't think anything major will happen with the weather..aside from flooding. that has been pretty bad all over today.
well, i just hope i'm not gettin drug out of bed at 3 .a.m to rush into the damn bathroom again.