Monday, July 21, 2008

well hell -

howdy folks-

i have the news on tv. well, it's been on for a while actually, the news. anyhow, it's hot here in Texas-- very hot- it got to 102 degrees today. i was just sitin here thinkin about when our air conditioner broke. it was -- i'm just guessin, i don't even remember, but it was just startin to get hot, so maybe high 70's. oh hell, i don't know. thinkin back on it- i just remember bein friggin hot. but anyhow. earlier they mentioned that a baby had been taken to a fire station, because she had been left in a day care van in the heat---- for five and a half hours. just hearing that took my breath away. how do you just forget about a baby for almost six hours, was my first thought. where the hell did they think she was...didn't they notice her missing, then of course ya think about the parents, or the mom, or whatever. what the hell man. drop your kid off to go to work, and before the day is over you find out someone locked her in a damn 200 degree car all day. holy crap. when i first heard it, they had no idea of her condition yet-- well, they just updated it, and she died. 18 months old. too sad. and someone needs their ass kicked. maybe a couple someones.

anyhow-- i had physical therapy today. i had to do some exercises, and then heat and a giant tens unit for my back, and a massage just long enough to piss me off. maybe ten minutes, on my neck mainly- and back of my head. very weird. but i felt worse leaving than when i got there. and i am not lookin forward to the next one. or the one after that. blah.

i'm tired today and i have to finish cookin dinner-- after that- i do believe i will go to bed early-- or maybe watch a movie. i have some kind of scary movie i got the other day, and now i don't even remember what it is. better get it watched and get a new one tomorrow... maybe.

i think i smell my chicken burning---

later peeps