Friday, August 28, 2009

stuff , stuff and more random babbling

the pic below is of a t-shirt i bought extremely spontaneously while school shopping with soulkid the other day. last weekend or so, whenever the final day of school shopping was. i don't even remember what i was doing-- prolly just speaking. or moving. who knows? but she blurts out, "mom, stopit, you're embarrassing me"!
haha! that just made me laugh , because when angie was here we were laughing about that very thing-- our kids being embarrassed by our very existance.

anyhow--- yep-- there i was, mindin my own business, spendin my damn money on the girl, actually thinking we were havin an ok time, when she says i embarrass her. at that very moment, i look up, (yes, for some reason, i look down much of the time when i walk)-- but what do i see when i look up??? i see a t-shirt booth in the aisle of the mall. hanging in the t-shirt booth , what is the very first thing i notice? that shirt! wana see it again? ok ....

y'all just KNOW i had to get it. i just couldn't not.
so i did. and i wasted NO time in puttin it on either.
she was in hollister or somethin like it right next to the booth i got the shirt at--
so i go right in there, and into a changing room... and put it on. :))
i come bee boppin out and there she was... she couldn't help but to smile.
she loves me.
embarrassing or not.
she does.
it took her a few days... but she did admit-- she thought it was funny.

well---- UNTIL....
the other night when we went to see the movie-( julie and julia)
we went to dinner first--
i had THREE people comment on my shirt.
she threatened to burn it !
i love it.
i think i will wear it to her first parent teacher thing-- if they have one .
or something. wherever there will be a bunch of kids .
soulman said he was gonna get one too-
a coolest dad shirt.
i can just see her now.

what's the most embarrassing thing your mom or dad did to you when you were a teenager?

i could use a laugh today.....

busy morning-- but i am not really accomplishing much--
i hate it when that happens.

hope y'all have happy weekends---

i'm hoping to get some fishin in.
and some hangin of stuff on my walls.

what are yeeewwwww doin?