Sunday, August 3, 2008

san antonio final 5 phew !

well we aint dead yet-- but close.
i swear, it feels like we have been gone for a month, yet it has only been few days. but it sure does feel like alot longer than that.
especially right now for some reason. i haven't been awake but maybe a half hour or so, and i am havin some major problems gettin these pix in the right order-- and correcting typos-- so just bear with me-- i don't have the battery life to spend half of it correcting mistakes. y'all know i am slow and blind in the mornings.

anyhow-- yesterday was day day 4-- or 3 1/2 however ya look at it-- i think i have been counting it as each day as one. so yesterday woulda been four by my count. so these would be san antonio day four, and today will be five- -- and tomorrow we are homeward bound. woo hoo-- and we are ready. pretty much all three of us-- are very ready to Be home.

we've done just about all that we had planned to do.. and that was all finished up by yesterday. all except the pool/jacuuzzi -- because when we finally made it down there, last night there wasn't room for a beer can..much less an extra body in the pool - or the hot tub. ugh, that was quite the bummer too, i was feelin that jaccuzi on my back and neck already. whaaaa.
oh, and sea worl-- still need to finish that up-- but i really don't think any of us care too much about it --good thing the tickets were discounted.

so anyhow, that was almost dinner time--when we went to the pool.

we didn't even roll outta the room for the day, til like noon!
that's when we went to forage for lunch ,and begin our day-

BUT-- NOT before hubby had to go find a laundromat--

oooooh-- the JOY--
i was sooo happy i didn't have to join him on this little adventure !

(don't ask me why it's blue-i dunno)

after the laundry-- we went to the observation tower i had mentioned.
when we got over there, we discovered that they charged way to much to go up there,
like 12.00 a person!
and soulkid an i just didn't care enough to throw away good money after bad, so told soulman to go up alone -
since he was the only one who really wanted to go anyhow, we would wait.
of course he didn't want to, by himself, but he did,
and he enjoyed it.

(an old church- from the tower )

while he was up there, me and soulkid just kicked around-
got her some dippin dots- took photos,
looked in a couple shops, and piddled around-- as you can see

(it took me ten tries for that pic- cuz she refused to pose ! )

(again-- blue hue-- not my camera-- so i dunno why it's blue..)

(cool-blu hue-pic-in front of tower)

finally, we leave there, and walk over to the alamo---

(a shot of the alamo)

--me and my child--
LOOK - she can smile! kinda :))

--here she is again, with her dad--
she likes him better :))

--and here's me and my soulman..--

not much to brag about for the rest of the day..
dinner in the room..and a too full pool to get into.

will let ya know how today goes.

and then tomorrow-- yep-- we go home. :))
after-- shopping hell.
i'm tellin ya-- i wanna get dropped off to tube the river while they shop--
make them let me do that :))
shopping that marathon mall will ruin me for days!
then everyone will hate me...

i hope you all are doin great!