Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sloth rescue

LOOK they made a video about me!

for once, my own advice wasn't so bad afterall... (Sat Pt 3)

as you all know... i said, screw it, and i went fishin! i do like the creek better than the pond, and i usually go there when i go by myself. but when hubby goes, he usually chooses the pond, and that is where we end up. but... yesterday, i went to the creek, and it was just way too muddy, and i had no luck at all, so today... i just went to the pond. and i was soooo glad i did. but, before i get into that... look at what i forgot to mention yesterday about what i saw at the creek... i got sooo mad. i meant to call the park people to see if it is even legal, and if not, if they will go remove it. but look at what i saw...

you can barely see it , but almost in the center across the water under the tree... is a TRAP... it's for the "muskrats".. they aren't really muskrats, they are "nutria" i prolly spelled that wrong because i have never heard of them. but someone has covered their hole that is off to the left there, where they live. i see them go in and out of there all the time. i have never seen those things go near anyone, much less hurt anyone. but when i was there, some guy came over and said he was checking the traps. i was already pissed cuz i had already figured out why it was there. i asked why he was trying to catch em, and he said cuz they bite the kids. i know thats BS.
so, ya, i need to call monday.. which will probably be too late. it just makes me mad. those things are one of the things that makes me smile over there, watching them swim around, and my girl likes them too. it's a city park, this guy was in a regular truck in regular has to be illegal for him to trap them..wouldn't ya think?

ok..anyhow..that's my rant for the day...
otherwise.. i DID go fishin earlier.. and look what happened....

cast one... fish one!

cast three or four , fish two! weighed this one...
2.2 pounds!
(texted hubby at work.. told him the fish were hittin)

obviously hubby showed up... and here is fish three... in less than one hour!
(didn't weigh him, but he's a good'n)

and here is fishy number 4.
not worth weighing obviously
and not counting the fish i missed
i had a very good fishin day
for the short time i was there.

hubby got three, and lost a nice one right there by me at the bank. he came right from work, in black pants and long sleeves... so we didn't stay long after he got there. pretty hot today.

so we came home.. ate some lunch... obviously i downloaded pix...and am posting them :))
and now.. i am getting off of this desktop, as it is killing my back, and i am now moving to my bed with my trusty continue catching up on my blogging duties. cuz i just feel like it.

some people call this HALT = hungry, angry, lonely tired

i call it.... well... the last couple days... BLAH (bitchy, lazy, asshole)
but apparently i am not alone... so perhaps, myself and the others in this same rut... rather than hang curtains and get comfortable there, should DO something about it??
i just don't know what that is at this point. other than neglect my duties as a ... whatever i am... and sleep!