Wednesday, September 30, 2009

random little blue pill splatter -- i mean babble

good ev-en-ing folks,

i know it's only like 830 p.m, but i should really be asleep. my head hurts.. along with the rest of me. i've also already taken my bed meds... yeh i know-- there is a danger of laptop strangulation... but i just had the urge to get a few things up here... before i either forget--or run out of time in the morning to do it.

hubby hung my picture tonight. so i took a couple shots of that to show y'all. some of you don't know my whole 'story', but for those who do -- you should know why this picture 'reached out' to me the way it did. it just 'spoke to me'. ya know. i really just 'had to have it!'

(feel free to click to enlarge photos)

it matches my curtains --
as well as my hutch, and the angels etc on top of it-


mommason is in the center,
her son, and my hubby-- obviously -- in the back.
aunt wanda to your left-- aunt linda to your right.

(aren't they sweeT ?)

they all crack me up-- and i loved them all the moment i met them..
can you believe it? like 19 years ago !
good Lord.
not one thing in my life has lasted that long.
cept soulman and his family.
everyone and everything else ?
came and went=
or had periods of -- well i don't know.
inconsistency? nonexistence?
or the obvious-- death.

so--- let's move on, shall we?

Here we have:
obviously, the infamous Soulkid, and Soulman.

aren't they lookin good?
soulman lookin all 'skinny' N sit :))
and my girl-- in PUBLIC-- like THAT -- i'm flabbergasted !

and ya know i had to throw Spot in here....
still doin real good.
seems real happy and content-- not mean and mad, or nuthin.
phew. i really was afraid she would hate everybody.

and last but -- yeh ok - for tonight it IS least
or is it.
what does that even mean?
i just SAY shit. whatever.
but here is my
'song of the week'

bon jor

where does the time go???

howdy folks--

i can't believe it's already wednesday. geesh. time does fly.

i haven't had much time to post these last couple days. sorry bout that. i do think about y'all tho. i have tried to make my rounds, but only managed to hit a few of y'alls pages.

you know, my 'in-laws' came to visit. my mommason, and two of her sisters. they got here on - ummm, monday. yeh, that's it. we all had some decent visiting time that night-- then went to dinner at macaroni grill. it's been a very long time since i've eaten there, and i don't know why. it was soooo yummy. loud though. maybe that's why. and we had to sit right near the kitchen , and all that added noise, because of the size of our group-- 6 of us. but it was good, and it was fun. we were all full as ticks when we left. they went back to their hotel and we headed home from the restaurant - we got home at like 8 p.m -- and i went directly to bed. man i was hurtin so bad someone coulda shot me and i woulda thanked em for it. ugh.

anyhow- yesterday- the soul clan had long days - so i got to spend the entire day with the in- laws. we had a lot of fun. mostly we just hung out here at the house. but all the traveling etc, had them worn out to the bone... they were all three yawning and ready for a nap. i told them i wouldn't mind. but of course they wanted to visit. so i came up with this brilliant idea to go down the road to an antique shop--- they got all kindsa fired up about that. we all enjoyed it actually. i've been there twice now-- there's still more to see.

i found a wonderful picture-- print..??? whatever it is... i was mesmerized by it. it literally stopped me in my tracks. when i finally snapped to-- i checked the price. it was hung high on the wall, and y'all know i can't see shit-- my mommason had stumbled upon me by then, and we were both just gazing at this beautiful picture. i asked her if i could possible be reading the price right. i thought i might be missing a 1. ya know as in the hundred. it can't possibly be this CHEAP. this just doesn't happen to me. my champagne taste with a beer budget thing ya know. it seems everything that reaches out to me in this way-- is waaaaay over my measly budget. but it was-- the lady that works there walked up-- "isn't that the most beautiful thing?"
we said YES, how much is it!?
she took it off the wall and read the price. it really was TWO digits !
woo hoo !!!
best of all? i didn't even have to pay for it-- :)) mommason bought it for a house warming gift ! and i will love it forever ! (i will put a pic up later when hubby puts it on the wall k?

so anyhow---
on to my kitty. spot. she was declawed on... shit... that was monday too. she did great. she didn't even attack any of the vet staff :)) i took her home yesterday, and she is as sweet as pie. hmmm. is this the same cat i took in?



she's doin great.. and gets her bandages off this morning.

jitterbug goes in on the 2nd. i can't wait!!! no more worrying and stressin over my furniture and stuff. it'll be like losin 100 pounds off my back!

ahhh--- speakin of my back. dare i cry baby? do you really wanna hear it? i bet you don't. i won't say much. just that my back and neck are F'N killing me! i have an appointment with my doc this mornin-- after i take the kid to school-- and the cat to get her bandages off. ugh-- busy mornin eh. anyhow-- i called them on .. i guess, monday. lots happened on monday looks like. but i woke up and could hardly move. even the water from the shower hurts like hell. i may as well be gettin beat with a baseball bat! i don't know what-- if anything they can, or will do for me there, but i just have to go in, and let them know how bad this is. i',m also seriously thinking about postponing the left side rhizotomy scheduled on the 5th. i think that would just be a huge mistake to feel like this on both sides. on purpose. i wouldn't be able to drive---at all. i don't know what to do. but this really sucks.
but. as usual. over all? i'm doin ok.

so. on that happy note-- i am off to start my day.

hope y'all have wonderful days in your worlds today-
catchya latah-