Sunday, June 10, 2007

another tiny bass day

well, is it the hat? is it the shoes? or is it the weather? or, could it unfortunately be the fisher-person? ;))

cuz this last couple days has been really crappy, as far as fishin goes. maybe it's just too hot. i know it's almost too hot for me o go anymore. good lord, i think i'm just gonna keel over out there one day. well, obviously, what i'm headin towards, is the bass just aren't bitin this last couple of days. the tiny ones are, and of course the perch are. but whatever happened to my big old fishies??? i was waitin for my five pounder any day. then they just turned off like a dang light. but at least i got a couple today. and of course i missed a couple. didn't lose them...missed em. bummer huh. anyhow. i only took one pic... just to show the hat o' the day... and also the fishy. but he isn't big at all. right after i got him i got another one... it was a bass, but man it was small. i was hoping nobody saw it. LOL. they were fun to catch. they both felt big...but were obviously not.
so ayhow... i finally gave up on my addictive nature, and headed home. ended up stopping at mcdonalds for everyone forst. cuz i knew i wasn't gonna last long after getting home. in fact, i am falling asleep right now.
sooo...more later maybe

(photo moved to bass video)