Sunday, May 31, 2009

here fishy fishy

since i made a fool of myself this morning-- as i was attempting to NOT make a fool of myself, and get my pix posted in time. because i was late the last two times and didn't ever get em posted. so anyhow--- i went fishin. i also decided to go somewhere i hadn't been before, just to see if it was any good. since my spots have been suckin pretty bad lately. so i go over over there, it's pretty close to home. i was the first one there, but by the time i had tied two different rods, there were two guys there already fishin . ugh. i thought i was ruined-- but i got fish on my first--and my second casts. i was on a roll. and boy, i thought, after that second fish that i was gonna get a bunch of decent fish and really out fish these guys-- who hadn't even caught one yet.
well, i should have kept my mouth shut. well, my thoughts really. cuz the second fish snapped the end of my rod right OFF. i tried to fish a while longer-- but all they were interested in was the rod that just got broke. my drop-shot rod. ERG. i threw just about everything else i could think of.. but i didn't have another drop shot--so i was screwed, and left.

but anyhow-- wanna see what i got? i didn't get a pic of the second one-- cuz once he snapped the rod, and came off, he rolled right down the hill and smack into the pond.. with a very kind screw you to me, i might add. the little shit.
anyhow-- here ya go--