Wednesday, February 6, 2008

still wednesday---

looky what Rebecca over at Pixels From The Edge gave me

isn't that just sweet?

i thought so..i mean, i still do- of course;
but she gave it to me like two or three days ago...
right in the middle of my crybaby attack. so, i decided to wait
until i wasn't such a big baby to put it up.
so, there it is.

and i thank you Rebecca..

now-- i am to pass it along to three other bloggers
with big hearts--

those would be---

jaimie/simonsays... at everyone thinks i can fix it.
most of you who read here, read her page too,
and y'all just know that she has had the most pain filled year..both
physical and emotional, than anyone i have ever known,
or known of--- yet she has fought her way through it all,
and has always put herself last in line for everything.
she deserves much more than this award,
but for now, this is all i can give her.

next; will be summer at 107 Madison Street;
she's another one who struggles with pain, and other troubles,
but she is a friend and mother before worrying
about herself.

and lastly (i wish i could give out ten :(( -
i will give this one to "Motha" at The Real Mother Hen
because she is always ready to kick someones ass when they
get up in my kool aid
and she invited me to singapore--even tho i can't go :((
and she always has a wing stretched out for me
and other peeps too

so--- there ya have it.

all my blog pals deserve this, and it's tough to pick just three.
remember tho-- three plus me-- already got it..

workin my way back to you---

is that a song? i think it is.. or part of one. but i have no idea. if it is, it's a old one.
but anyhow. that is what came to mind as i was sitting here thinking about what-- if anything to write. i'm still not real sure, so i guess you'll have to wing it with me as i go along.

we all know that a lot of people around blogland have been having some pretty tough things going on lately. some , not so cut and dry. it seems though, that now, many are coming to a head , and are on the way down. going up-- and not seeing the other side seemed to be the hardest for everybody.

anyhow... a lot of my own worries, and fears have been quieted some this passed few days. funny how long it took to get to such a point in my life, and how quickly to find answers to at least a starting point of beginning to change where i am.

part of that change?
(you know the first was going to arkansas)
then...yesterday----i did something a bit out of character for me. although it had been planned for a little while , part of me didn't really expect that it would pan out--- but it did.
and the funny thing about that, was she felt that it may not work out either.. so we marked our calanders, and it was a wait and see type thing. so anyhow, "JLEE" and I met for lunch. and we had a really good time. my biggest fear-- was to be too shy and unable to talk.. which happens a lot-- because i am usually not a talker. we have met in person before, but that was several months last summer-- when she gave me tickets to stevie nicks and we sat together at that concert-- but of course, we couldn't really talk over the noise there. but that was still a good time.
i also thought that because of what jamie and her family were dealing with yesterday might cause me to be unapproachable, or, that my "look" or attitude, be misread, as negative towards her. but we had no trouble at all finding things to talk about, and we both had a good time. and to be honest-- it was good for me, to not sit home alone and worry about what was happening in jamies day all day long. although , y'all know i was worried anyhow. (and if you haven't read over there.. her daughter made it through ok, and is fine.... as she can be).
JLEE and i actually came to realize that we have a lot more commonalities than we had realized before while just commenting online. and we plan to "do lunch" more often. we think it will be a good thing. we don't live all that far from each other, and really, it's silly not to spend some time together now and then. --- as long as i don't have to drive to dallas ! :)) we all know what a disaster that can be!

so. now what? not much for now i guess.
except that if my sister doesn't STOP telling me to get another dog i'm gonna drive out there and beat her up. :)) i do NOT want another dog. at all.

and i suppose that is about enough out of me for now.
today is yet another catch up day for me. i have let things go here again. the place is a mess. and we are out of everything again. i haven't been to the post office in days. and i can't remember which bills are due-- again. so, yep-- it'll be one of those kinda days. plus a cold one. well.. cold to ME. no 82 here today.

y'all stay warm.. and find something that makes you smile-- one of those heart smile kinda smiles. perhaps a "soul-smile"?