Sunday, March 9, 2008

i survived another year witha girl child yippee

yes is did..... and it seems she had fun.. well it seems they all did. i didn't even count how many came-- but there were a lot. more than once i thought to myself-- "she is really blessed, when i was her age , i was lucky if i had ONE friend:-- and even then, ya know-- i rarely could even trust that one. my kid has always been pretty popular. well.. except in HELL. (for those who don't know... when i say that-- i speak of New Mexico. that was not a place we will ever return to-- someday i will share more details -- today is not the day for that-- but a short bit-- it's hubbys homestate-- and we have attempted to live there twice since we have been married-- neither were joyous. it earned the name hell... and we will never move back.) even though he loves his family there.. he knows this part of his family will not ever move there again.

anyhow-- kinda derailed for a sec--- see what even thinking of that place does to me??? hmmm.

anyhow-- the "party" they lived, we lived, someone is still here-- i got up at like 530-545 ish-- and heard her talking with someone-- one of two girls that i know but couldn't pinpoint the voice. so i assume they have been up all night. and there may be another in there sleeping for all i know. hubby left for a fishing tournament just before i got up. he's gonna freeze his little ass off too. it's like 25 or 30 degrees out right now-- poor fella. 3, 000 bucks up for grabs today though. sure would be nice to win that (half of it actually-- but still-- good money for doin somethin ya love to do anyhow) i was reminding him to get back on his kansas pattern yesterday-- because of the darn snow and weird freezing to 60 degree weather lately--- he won tournaments all the time out there... so hopefully he will remember his fishing techniques from out there, and win this thing. these texas peeps don't know cold water patterns as well as he does. -- well... maybe i'm being overconfident-- but really, he can and does catch fish just about ever time he goes out-- it's just sometimes someone else gets one bigger... i do hope they win today though.
i can't wait til we can fish another one together, that was really fun.. but i don't dare wanna fish one in this kinda weather... nooooo nooo nooo.

ok.. well.. i reckon that's about it.

latah peeps