Saturday, March 27, 2010

saturday selections

hiya folks. how's your saturday goin so far? i hope it's great. really. warm? sunny? happy? pain-free; for those of us with pain issues? all around just a good day in the works? that's what i hope for y'all.

geesh it's like 11 a.m. - it feels like one. i thought it was for a minute, til i just looked at the time on my computer. how weird. yes i did have a rough night last night. again. WTH people? i have had such a messed up week, as far as sleep goes. patchy sleep, at best. some nights, no sleep at all. most days no nap , but one was surely needed. days and nights gettin flip flopped all around. it's been a disaster.
i'm wonderin if that is why my back etc. has been givin me so much trouble, or if it's somethin else. i don't know for sure what it could be, but last night and yesterday - it got so bad - pain wise, that when i got up at like midnight, i used the bathroom mirror-- to the best of my ability, to try and take a look at my low back. it seemed pretty swollen lookin at it. i was damn near crippled yesterday. it's been comin for at least a week tho. but it finally hit me hard yesterday when i got up in the morning. good Lord , it was bad. if i wouldn't have had meds -- i surely would have been headin to the dr. somewhere. for something. i did however call my pain dr. to schedule another steroid injection in my back. that's how bad it was. i didn't accomplish squat around the house-- except to put my clothes in the dryer -- that soulman washed for me. i then folded them- kinda.. but at least i had somethin clean to wear-- for once in like weeks it seems. if not for the last few warm days-- and the fact that i luckily had clean shorts handy -- i woulda been nekkid for sure. i got lucky there. bleh.
so yeh. soulman got me a load of wash started , i just had to finish it up- cuz he had stuff to do with the boat-- gettin ready for a tournament at lake Amistad. [not sure if i've mentioned that or not- but he will be gone almost a week-- beginning Easter Sunday -- oh yay :(( ]

that's why my hair hasn't been frosted yet. cuz if he hasn't been at work, he's been gettin the boat and tackle ready. (motor swapping - again on the boatS) ; and - or , my friggin back has been OUT. i been tryin and tryin to figure out WTH i might have done to my back to make it be this way -- i have no idea. the drive to austin? fishin the , what twice? , i did have to carry heavy crap on the austin etc trip- and drive alot-- it could be what happened. but hell, i don't know. i only know it hurts, like a mo-fo. and like i said - it looks swollen around my spine in the lower area in my back. so i may have slipped a disc-- or one may be bulging, but it aint fun-- at all.

so as for today? soulman had to go to -- somewhere -- all i know is it's about 4 hours in each direction - there and back - and he got about as much sleeep as i did last night.
oh- he's goin to pick up the 'new' motor for the 'new' boat. ugh-- i know - even i'm confused. all i do is make sure the shit gets paid for. but his original plan was to drive there , swap motors and drive home today -- i told him-- nooooo-- you'll be too tired -- get a room on your way back, it's not worth wreckin just to save a little money. so he'll prolly stop somewhere and stay the night.

as for me and my soulchild today? not real sure what we'll do. i have trouble with the pain, as far as walkin goes.. along with other movement-- even layin down. that's why i got out of bed at like 1 or 2-- i woke up at 12. after goin to sleep at maybe 9. ugh. sucks man. so. not only am i in pain, i'm exhausted to boot.

they're havin another yard sale across the street today. i'm tempted to go over and just shoot the shit with the gals over there for a while-- but i'm in my jammies-- i'm out of coffee-- and i'm prolly way too tired to cary on a conversation. but i know it would be fun.

i also thought about goin fishin for a while-- then i second guessed that-- cuz i just don't have the standing and walkin in me today i don't think.

then i thought-- we have a frickin totally empty fridge and pantry -- that should be dealt with -- today. i could take the kid to the base and grocery shop- maybe hit the -exchange- 'department store' too. maybe. but that too, requires a lot of walking - on my part. i don't think so.

i might as well just take my ruined ass to bed. maybe after a couple hours of sleep -- maybe then, i might feel a little better, and we - or i could accomplish something.

but i reckon for this moment- i'll work on bills and my check book and stuff like that. that's usually what i do when i can't sleep anyhow. afterwards, i really think i need some sleep. without soulman here to referee us - -it could get nasty between me and soulkid. she too-- couldn't sleep last night. was it a full moon or somethin???

anyhow-- i spose i'll shut this down for now - and let y'all continue with your days--
hope they are good to you-