Saturday, December 27, 2008

just lock me up somewhere would ya

does anyone want to tell me what the hell is wrong with me?? nevermind. i think i already asked.. and declined a response that time too. i already know what's wrong .. i just wish i knew wth to do about it.

anyhow--- apparently i did write a post on christmas day-- kinda sorta. it ended up in drafts. and apparently it laid there til just now. in the meantime , i began thinking that i wrote it yesterday. even told y'all i did. perhaps i may need a lobotomy? something. my mind is fried. i'm not likin it much either.
so-- if you wanna see it-- scroll on down below the last post, and you will see the christmas day post-- that really isn't very christmasee. but it's there. at least i wrote-- which means i thought about ya.

ok-- now i'm off, and back to the other post i been tryin to finish, but keep havin to go away from.
now i'm tired and ready for a nap-- i wonder if that will stop me again, cuz as we know--- it's always somethin.
i shall forge on tho -- for you. through tired eyes, and a grumpy soul, i will continue to write a very boring boring post-- just for YOU.
cuz i just am that way. don't fret-- it's a good thing.