Monday, April 19, 2010

monday mad libs

yeh -- whatever that means, right?

anyhow-- guten morgen folks. how's it goin for ya today? hope it's as well as any monday can be. here? it's a monday.

i don't really have anything new to report from here. everything is really just kinda stagnant at the moment. i checked the weather this morning when i put the dogs out-- hoping, that by some miracle i might be able to go fish for a little while over at the pond. but howdaya think that went? yeh, you're right. cold, cloudy, and crappy out there. just like it has been for days. i am really gettin tired of this weather lately. worse than that? when we are blessed with a nice day that i could go fishin? somethin gets in the way. of course. a dr. appointment. catchin up on sleep for some reason. flat out slothfulness-bein unable or unwilling to get offa my arse. but noooo, when i do happen to feel well enough to get the hell out of the house, and get air and do something for myself? it's raining. or too windy. or cold. or like i said - some other obligation prevents that. i smell a resentment comin on. don't you?
this can't be good.

even tho i do like home, and most of the time i choose to stay home.... this is gettin a bit too like prison. i can't leave soulkid alone much at all, and she has been out of school for over a month !!! are ya feelin me? she acts like a four year old at times for my attention. if and when i do try to work on my checkbook or bills , she distracts me so much it's impossible. she always wants to 'go somewhere' which always, in the end cost some amount of money-- even if it's only lunch -- that's 20-30 + a day just to walk out the door. i don't mean to make her sound bad-- just venting really. but y'all. i'm goin crazy here. at least in the summer time we have a couple trips planned, and besides that all her friends will also be out of school and bored too-- they can do things together and not always be under my watch. but seriously -- do they have day-care for teenagers? kill meh.

ok i'll stop. but thanks for listenin. :))

anyhow-- remember yesterday i said i would find us a 'coffee fairy' ?
do y'all realize how virtually impossible it is to find one on google? i spent literally in total, i bet 4-5 hours on that lil task -- and came up, pretty much empty. me? the google queen, couldn't even find a coffee fairy. i know. i am too. i'm disappointed in my own self. but here ya go-- it's really the best i could come up with -- i'll put a couple up-- but the winner just happens to be a frickin cartoon ! :((

(who needs coffee? )

(who needs a head?)

(who needs a real man?
the "coffee fairy" is a fantasy anyhow right?)

so my friends there is monday morning in soul-land. i'll try to work on growing some semblance of a life around here. if you remember, i was doin pretty good on that for a while -- til life came to a screeching halt. i am workin on it tho. y'all know things turn on a dime around here-- so be ready, anything can happen, at any time. don't give up on me yet.

anyhow-- i do hope y'all have great days in your worlds today -- still dark and wet here in mine. perhaps i'll finally wash my laundry. maybe.

ahhhhh. i know. maybe i'll venture out and purchase a coffee maker? how bad can it be? ya do know i have poor mans PTSD? what if i faint at the check out?
kidding. it only feels like i will. i never really have. there's a first time for everything tho right?

ok-- i'm gone-