Saturday, May 3, 2008

surely y'all didn't think i could make it a week without incident--didya?

well... i obviously didn't----

well.. maybe I did.. but poor sushi didn't... cuz she is HER afterall :))


well that is my poor sushis' side....
it is a BITE --
from her supposed to be FRIEND-----

who would be

YUP eevee -
our fairly new soul - addition.
we had concerns , but didn't think this would really happen.

anyhow, they scrapped last night apparently....
we are headed to the vet now.
no way was i gonna pay an emergency visit late last night.

so--- i'm off--

have happpy days in your worlds today

i will...
(i hope )

maybe i can squeeze some fishin time in.. that's what i'm hopin for -
but first i must decide --
do i want groceries...?
or do i want to fish?
cuz both wipe me out-
and i can't have both in one day...
so, i'll get back to ya later on the outcome of my day-