Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i'm up nowwwwww..... sorta

and dammit i'm TIRED.

wth is wrong with me? i should be on my way out the door right this minute to start my business and stuff, but what AM i doing? well, other than writing this post....
nuthing. i got up over two hours ago --- after another up til all hours night -- and all i did was sit here and vegetate for prolly an hour. then when i started thinking about all i have to do today ... most of which is crap that i have put off for days already..... and i started to nod off. i'm tired ALL the time. it's gettin ridiculous. i'm up til God knows when, i sleep only a few hours at "night", take naps in the day, and accomplish nothing. can we say "w-o-r-t-h-l-e-s-s ?

ok... i'll stop.
closing went well the other day. no surprises. no hold-ups. and we paid a LOT less out of pocket than we thought we would. we didn't know all the money we had paid already would be deducted--- like... home inspection, the whatever money up front -i can't think of what it's called now.. the500.00 ... some other costs and fees, i don't know-- but about 2500.00 that we already paid out was deducted from our costs so we paid so little--- we went out for steak dinner that night !!

our real estate lady sold a house to some folks from arkansas right before she saw us that day, and they had been professionally moved --- she told them we would be more than happy to take their boxes off their hands --- and we are-- so we will be gettin those tonight--- tons of em. plus packing paper and frame boxes. i'm so happy i don't have to go trash diggin for boxes !!!!

maybe, just maybe, i can motivate enough to pack a little at a time. we have nearly a month to do it in. but the thought still overwhelms me.
baby steps.... ugh.

ok folks... i best get offa my arse , lest i fall asleep --- i really do need to get my outside business done-- so i can get to workin on this house!

hope y'all are well and happy in your worlds today---
catch up with ya later