Friday, April 23, 2010

pardon my absence - i was recovering

mornin folks. happy FRIDAY!
yes, finally it's friday. hope the sun is shinin at your place. seems to be here, but of course, i haven't been outside. i'm only goin by what i can see through my partially opened blinds. seems to be little wind and yes, some sunshine. i am also assuming that it is somewhat warm out there, because an hour or two ago, i did happen to be warm enough inside, that i turned on my ceiling fan. so. yeh. i do have fishin on my mind. the stuff is still in my car. all i would have to do is throw on some clothes and shoes and brush my hair and teefers, and hit the road. will i? oh no. not today. sadly enough, i do believe that it is just not in the cards for me today. unfortunately, my out of shape, just out of hibernation, two days in a row, on my feet all day, 2 days in a row, fishin fool, self, has overdone it. yep. i shoulda paced myself a bit i think. it would be different if i didn't bass fish ya know. if all i did was stick my rod in a stick and sit in a chair til the tip moved. but nooooo. for me it's stand, walk , cast, reel, cast, reel, all day. well, for hours anyhow. and for a person , in my physical condition? that's just kinda stupid. simply tossing myself into the fire sort of. oh but it was sooo fun. fishin is just in my blood. i breathe it. y'all know that. right.

so. yeh. i did go fishin yesterday. tough fishin day too. as was the day before. they just aren't wantin to bite. it must be the way the weather has been changin so rapidly lately. that's all i can think. one day cold , cloudy, and or rainy or raining. the the other day the sun was out and it was over 80 degrees. then yesterday was cool and cloudy and windy again. today at least loooks sunny and nice again-- but i aint fishin. but before these last few days it was rain for days and days. the fish ust don't know what to think. so yeh... it's hard to know what to do. so lots of bait changing was goin on. lots of different baits, tactics... really a challenge. very physical. but again. soooo fun.

until----- last night. it finally caught up with me. i couldn't even get up out of my chair. i was so sore. my back and legs were screaming at me. hatin on me. i've mentioned before how the reclining couch in the livin room doesn't have handles-- ya have to use your legs to put the foot rest down when ya get up.. OMG. so many times i almost couldn't get out of my chair. i couldn't stretch enough to get out without puttin it down, and it hurt so bad to use my legs to put it down. ugh. it took every muscle in my body to get that damn thing down. i thought i would die. but - when i fish, i have to drink a lot of water-- cuz my gettin dehydrated, can be really bad for me. like fainting, and landing in the water... etc. so yeh.. i was getttin up like every fifteen minutes.... it was just not fun. soulkid was out... so i didn't feel like i could go to bed til she got home-- otherwise that's where my ass woulda been. instead i stayed up with soulman, watchin tv, til she got home. ugh. anyhow-- that's why i aint fishin-- or goin anywhere today -- cuz i am feelin the pain. that's ok tho -- i saw my dr. fairy -- he made me feel a bit bettah :))

plan for today? housecleaning and laundry. yes i will. shaddup. soon as i'm done here. you'll see.

anyhow- first-- 'raine" made me notice somethin in my last post-- the first fish? is not also the second fish at a different angle. the first fish is the first fish on my big camera-- the others are the 2nd fish, but i took one on my cell to send to hubby. forgot that. that's why the first looks bigger-- cuz he was. thanks Raine. oops. senile ya know.
and thanks. but ya don't have to say thanks. sometimes stuff just comes to me like that-- that's when ya know i mean it :)) and ps-- me too buddy.

and Donna TN THAT kinda LIGHTING? geesh. of course i will do it. i thought it meant fancy photography lighting. "bren-DUH" remember?

ok--- moovin on-- wanna see yesterdays catch of the day?

k-- here ya go--

bad hair day -- and chronic smoker mouth :((
but not a bad first- fish-- and a kiss too

my second favorite kinda shot
with fish two -

also fish two--
'it's a KILL-SHOT !
goin for the throat !

yes , it was a good day in soul-land
ugh-- mystery underlining-- you know ya love it.

happy days to all of you-- and better weekends-- woo hoo-