Wednesday, March 5, 2008

one down - two to go- :))

but, the MRI was "normal" :))
whatever THAT means
(ya just nevah know with me)
woo hoo

i wanna be as cool as my dog thinks i am

(that's not my dog-- but i swear it looks like one that would end up in this family!)

so-- anyhow-- it's humpday already. this passed few weeks has seemed to fly by. maybe because i have slept away the better part of it. and when i wasn't asleep-- i was at one type of doctor or another-- or doing some other unpleasant time consuming task. the weird part-- the day i'm in-- always seems to d-r-a-g. wth?

and today--- yes i know i said yesterday-- but i was wrong-- but today, soulman goes back to work.... he's been off work since i had the seizure-- i don't even remember now exactly when that was.. 1 week tomorrow-- two weeks tomorrow??? hmmm... whichever-- it feels like damn forever ago. but at the same time-- it feels like yesterday. i still can't remember hardly anything. about anything.

oh and guess what else-- my mom in law--- who never reads my blog--- found an old--a very old email-- with my blog link on it-- so she goes there-- and THAT is how she found out about the seizure--- what a way to find out about something like that huh??? so she calls a couple days ago all frazzled asking soulman, wth..and why didn't he call etc. well, he's been a mess too. he meant to call, and had NO idea she'd read my blog. / and was waiting for more info etc..geesh. we both felt bad about that. but y'all gotta realize-- my "mommason", has been like a real mom to me since like the first day i met her-- so she was really worried.

sooooooo.... i could prolly write more right now-- but everyone is up and demanding my "soul-attention".. so i must go-- cuz i cannot focus on all this stuff at the same time.

i'll be back latah.....

happy humday peeps