Monday, January 7, 2008

that's right...not one..but .. TWO

well folks... here ya have it... my first fish of 2008... WOO HOO!

yep. i wasn't gonna let another beautifil day slip by me. so i went fishin.
this underlined crap is driving me crazy and i don't know how to make it stop! just thought i might let ya in on that.

here is fish ONE of 2008...
he hit on a rattle trap... he was bigger than he looks.
it was soooo exciting.
but wait there
s more...
LOOK at THIS one---

HE's a friggin BEAST!!!!
he was HUGE!
it was wonderful...
i felt alive again...
for a few minutes...
now i'm home in my soul-chair-

i hope y'all get a taste of something wonderful in your life today too!

monday again.. you know it's your favorite day

i have spent all the free time that i have for the morning cruisin and commenting here..and on y'alls pages. soooo i suppose i will get back with ya later on.

hope you all have great days!