Monday, March 19, 2012

quick update from soul land -

there is a storma comin !  high winds all day , and the thunder just hit -- so i aint stayin here very long.  yikes! that was a big one. 

anyhow lots of folks have been askin bout hubby- thanks for that.  he is doin a lot better than he did after the first surgery-- he had his first follow up with the doc today -- here is what we saw when she unwrapped him ---

sexy eh?

it's healing nicely but it hurts like hell.

obviously he is on pain meds, but he has been able to lower the dose over the last couple days.

here is his new ride, as he can put NO weight on his foot for several more weeks .

he doesn't mind too much - crutches hurt him
ok folks i gotta get offa heah -- storm is bad already -- 

laterz = love and hugs y'all

the rest of the clan is fine