Saturday, January 5, 2008

hi folks.... anotha satahday in soul land -

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. it really is.. at least weather-wise. i don't know about you peeps, but here in the wonderful world of north texas, we're sportin a breezy 59 degrees and rising--- supposedly to 72 this afternoon. Lord, i hope so. i am so ready for some warm weather.
i kinda would like to go try to fish a bit today, it has been almost four months since i went fishing. that is kind of depressing. there has just been so much crap goin on out here , i just haven't been able to go. so anyhow. i just may give it a shot if it gets warmer, and the wind dies down a bit. i do hate fishin in the wind.

so anyhow.

i don't know about y'alls yesterday--- but mine kinda sucked ass. i was gonna post before i went to bed but it was so dang slow on here---and i was "just plum give out" by then, i just crashed. man it was a --- well just one of those days that everything went bad. well, ok, not everything. i did get a good deal on the rugs--- which are still in the trunk of my car btw. perhaps i shall have hubby bring them in. or maybe i should wait til i clean the floor. oh, but if i go fishin, i would need them out wouldnt i. hmmm. damn senile.

still no tv. and to top it off... i had forgotten that plasma tv's can burn a still image into the screen if it is left on for too long. well, umm.... ya. i did. i don't know why i didn't turn it off. the damn thing didn't work. but i left it on. maybe waiting to see if it would work?? hell i don't know. but it really did burn the image slightly into the screen. so learn from my mistake, and if you have a plasma tv--- don't forget to turn the damn thing off. it may be permanent--hubby says it may go away--- but with his xbox---or a dvd on, you can't see it... so luckily he noticed it and turned the damned thing off.

so--- next-- after he tried to get the tv people to come out--and neither dish nor charter would do anything.. (the original plan was to take soulkid and her friend who was here--and pick up two more friends--and take em to the mall, and we would go eat)... well... it didn't quite go down that way. in fact it went down in flames -- for a while.

while hubby was getting ready to go--after working an 11 hour day--- and coming home to no cable-- and a burned three month old tv.... ugh... need i say more? well, i will anyhow....
well... the phone rings.... soulkid has a bad habit of hanging up on telemarketers and unfamiliar numbers. she thinks the landline is HERS. and that she controls it. well. i of course thought ..crap, that coulda been one of the tv people... so i bitched at her for hangin up on em, and asked how do you know it was a telemarketer---that is not YOUR phone, that is MY phone....blah blah blah. well.... in my defense---- i had been in bad pain aaaallll day long. i did not want to go out--- i was pissed at the cable ppl, and i was upset that i broke our tv screen...altho hubby surprisingly wasnt mad at me..he knows im stupid apparently and forgave me ... :))--- but anyhow-- oh i forgot to mention that the dr did surprisingly call me back, and i had a mental breakdown on the phone... and cried... so i didnt feel real great about that either... so like i said... i shoulda just been in bed knocked out on xanax, sparing the family from any pain i could ... but noooo... i wanted to go out, and act like a real person. soooo.... the phone fiasco goes down... i bitch about her hangin up the phone--- she snaps at me and says..
"why don't YOU answer it yourself then!"
i didn't have time to think... i only reacted, and it was not pretty.
i dropped the F bomb.. in front of her friend...
she walked away with another snide remark... and slammed her hubby comes stormin out of the bedroom...
he yells about her bein disrespectful to me---and HE drops the F bomb TOO--and has the kid call her mom to be picked up, and cancels the evening altogether!
holy crap!
i sat in silence--- TRYING not to just cry like a big baby, feeling out of control of my entire world.

well the kids mom was here in just a few minutes, they live less than a mile away.
so in like ten minutes..hubby calls soulkid out, and we all have a discussion... apologies are made, cheer is spread throughout the room...and we pile up and pick up the kid who was just thrown out of our house, and the evening was reinvented.

things like this surely don't only happen at my house---do they??
tell me not.
and have a great day!

i'm sure gonna try to have a better one than yesterday