Wednesday, May 21, 2008

don't hate me----

i'll make my rounds tomorrow-- i promise...
it got late on me-- then we watched idol-- now i am wiped out and have to take my sore, old lady self to bed. i didn;t get to your pages today-- sorry.
i did get most my errands done tho-- so i will have more -- sit on my butt time tomorrow.

david cook won on american idol. i kinda didn't want him to-- so he would get an album out sooner-- but he cried and was real happy to good for him. hopefully they won't ruin his style...

g'nite-- hope y'all sleep well..
see ya soon--

so much for havin a routine

mornin folks..

it's 555 a.m. i reckon that's better than 333 huh. one thing about that tho? it's alarm hell time around here. and aside from that, i have only been up for about ten minutes. which also means, i haven't had any time to wake up , or think about anything yet. all i've done is put sushi out and in, get coffee, and get settled in on the computer. and listen to hubbys' alarm go off about four times. ugh. i'm still tired.
my whole routine is off lately. morning and night. for two weeks or so. not sure why. several reasons i guess. (oh great, now soulkids alarm begins.) lovely. i don't have snooze on my alarm. if i miss my alarm-- i miss it. there is no -- five or six times for me. but i usually get up before it goes off anyhow.

anyways. my routine? wth? early to bed , early to rise, smoke and choke, chat online, cruise, do what i need to do, want to do, have to do, get home in time for the child, and hubby, and most days .. look and feel like i've accomplished something.

lately... NOT. my sleep habits are all kindsa screwed up -- some nights in bed by 10-- some im up til 12 or 1-- some days up at 330 some up at 530 ish. ugh. some days i nap some i don't.

and yesterday-- omg. the night before.. i had a new muscle relaxer from the doc. it said take at bedtime-- so i did. i thought it was weird to take it at bedtime , cuz its not bedtime that i need to not be in pain, but i did bedtime anyhow-- but damn man -- i felt drugged all damn day long. i got deep into some paperwork stuff. i drug out my file cabinet-- looking for my VA loan .. for a house.... it's here somewhere, but i haven't seen it for years. anyhow --- it was about noon before i got the first file box sorted and organized-- it looks mahvelous btw, and i found stuff i haven't seen in years-- but of course not what i was lookin for. but by the time i got thru that file box.. i was starved. so i took a break. to eat. all i ate was a salad. after that i got of course got tired. somethin about me and lunch. i still don't get it. so i leaned back in the chair, and i was out. i woke up when soulkid got home at 330 , she was walkin in the door. she was trying to talk to me-- and i could NOT stay awake for nothin, i kept tryin to wake up. but could not. next thing i knew-- it was after 6 pm ! i woke up-- after several more failed attempts. i finally got up-- and i didn't see her-- or either of the dogs. hubby wasn't home from work yet. i got up and looked for (them). i was afraid she had gone somewhere, and maybe let the dogs out.
when i checked.. i found the dogs-- and soulkid was also asleep--in her bed.

i think the heat-- and the fact that everyone was up til after 1 the night before had something to do with it.
but that pill i took , ugh. usually i need to double dose on just about anything for it to even do it's minimal job.. much less kick my butt... now im afraid to even take it again-- even though it did make my neck feel better. i just can't win ya know. not when it comes to meds, docs and that kinda thing.

so anyways. i was at least somewhat alert and alive when soulman got home about 8ish last night. and we watched recorded american idol and hells kitchen. which were both good. only made me feel like a fool... cuz when i posted about these shows the other day-- i said ai was over -- like last week.. and it's not -- til tonight. hmm. brain dead much?
i still don't want david cook to win it-- and i don't think he will. but that's ok.

welp-- i guess that's about it-- for my boring morning.
i'll let ya know if anything interesting happens..and i'll be cruisin and catchin up after i get caught up with stuff here-and everyone is gone.

happpy humpday!