Tuesday, April 24, 2012

has anyone ever --

taken the time to re read old posts here?

cuz just for the hell of it i just did.  a couple from like '09.  man i had some crazy stuffs to say back then.  where did my funny go?  y'all should wander down memory lane.  there's just some crazy shit back there.  even in the rough spots.  i could be pretty funny.  i should write more.

see ya later-
just wanted to say hi.
i don't wanna get in a slump again.. so i'll check in more- and see if i can just happen to get more regular at actually writing .

anyhow-  happy tuesday peeps-

i hope ya know - this new format really sucks !  am i the only one who hates it?  i can't even get a photo up what's up with that?

and where's the little box at the bottom to write the stupid last whatever -- like category? - but i just say somethin stupid there.