Wednesday, April 11, 2007

THIS pretty much sucks

that photo, above, would be about how i feel right now. in fact, it's how i have felt for about the last 8 hours or so. i ate dinner with a migraine, and i watched a movie with it, as it worsened, and i tried to go to sleep...for about two it only worsened even further. or tonight , technically. i didn't fall asleep til well after midnight, and it is now 245 a.m... and here i sit. still nauseas. after getting up on a mad search for my imitrex shots ! i almost gave up, and tried motrin, knowing they wouldn't touch it, but finally remembered i had seen a shot in my desk a few days ago... i looked, and voila! there it was! i promptly shoved the shot into my thigh with eager anticipation of prompt relief..which i hope to feel very soon. i also hope to be returning to bed without a headache as soon as that happens. i should have just taken a dang shot early and went to bed last night at the onset of this stupid i'm supposed to. but did i? noooo. had to cook, spend time with the family...or should i say hubby...i do have a thirteen year old who lives in her own world these days, so she pretty much ignored both of us most of the night anyways. but i did the best i could until i felt it was not too extremely early to go to bed. maybe tenish. but it still took forever to actually fall asleep.

but, i don't think i have anything major to do tomorrow, other than a few phone calls, and emails, etc, no driving or anything/ other than to school etc. so i should be able to grab a nap, which i am sure i will desperately be in need of by no later than noon. if i make it even that far. i may just take the girl to school, and go back to bed. then i can worry about my business stuff later on. man, this is crap. i knew i shoulda got off my laze last night and took a shot BEFORE bed. then i wouldn't be sitting here right now. in pain, worrying about "tomorrow"...which is actually today... in about three hours. UGH. maybe i'll be better off just staying up for a while until i get back from school, then go back to bed. would you make up my mind already?

well... i suppose i shall write later, sometime.
til then...