Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hello All

Hello All,

I just logged on here to see if Soul had updated yall on how she is doing.

I thought she had posted today but she is pretty worn down still.

Still in alot of pain also.

I see her improving and she has been eating well etc so that is good.

I also wanted to post a video of a song I found today while cruising itunes.

The song was originally done by a bluesy singer named Warren Haynes and has been covered by numerous singers and bands. My favorite covers are by the Allman Brothers and I think the best one is done by a band called Gov'ment Mule but the Gov'ment Mule videos are hard not very good quality.

I had never heard it but the title is what made me listen to it.

The name of the song is Soulshine and I listened to it because of the title. The words really make sense to me and it is true that Soulshine from my Soul is better than sunshine or just about anything I can imagine.

SO I am dedicating this song to Soul to let her know she is my Suulshine and I love her alot and I cant wait for her to get better so I can take her out.

Thanks yall for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers.