Thursday, July 12, 2007

i'm STILL up but technically it's thursday. *SIGH*

close your eyes, and shut out all the noise that you can hear. ok, are you relaxed? now... think of every cuss word you know and shout them as loud and as fast in succession as you possibly can. there. feel better? neither do i. but that is what i feel like doing at the moment, but since hubby is asleep...i can't do that. so, i am blogging. sorta. if ya want to call it that. i'm really just tryig to bore myself to sleep. but, i am in fact, most likely boring YOU to sleep. sorry.
so, anyhow... i found this little thing in yankees page, thought i'd give it a shot and hijack it. i do think it's a little low... but it didn't offer any middle ground answers , like sometimes, or once in a while, etc. so i think that made a ya go.... this is why i will have a head ache tomorrow... booo hooo.

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