Wednesday, December 9, 2009

coffee makes me happy - sucking my gut in all day , does not

hiya folks-- happy humpday to ya--

i want everyone to tell me about your food over the last couple days ok? cuz as you know- if you have read the last post or two --- i am F'N stahvin ! i have eaten only a few little pre made - store bought jello cups -- since monday night. as for today? i wasn't even allowed to have my coffee---- or my pain meds until 10 a.m. torture. torture i say.
BUT--- as i write this-- my coffee -- or lack of-- headache is now gone, and my back and other pain is now on the mend, as i sit here drinking my delicious coffeeeeeeeee. with which, i took my meds. ahhhh. see what i mean? easy to please. still no food, (til noon- and even then, only soup) - but i'm just happy as a clam. :)) (who even knows if clams are happy? they're FOOD. hmmm.

anyhow, speakin of a clam.... that is about how i could describe my waist right about now. i knew i would be wearing a monitor around my waist --- i had no idea that it would be as tight as it is. OMG, no kidding. even though i am allowed to eat lunch later -- i don't think i will be able to. the belt thing is Velcro-- and i am afraid if i eat--- it will come undone. i can barely move. in fact-- the only time i have moved, was to take the kid to school, and then to get coffee. i also made the bad mistake of takin my shoes off. now i am afraid i wont be able to get them back on. i can't bend that far over to tie them. great huh? i'm gonna end up pickin up soulkid and goin back to the doc this afternoon in my slippers. sexay eh?

so. ya wanna see this thing?
here ya go.

not the greatest pic-- but you get the idea. tough angle for a self taken pic.
anyhow. not much else to report today. i've had a pretty 'to myself' last few days. i hope to get out of that as of today. i hate bein that way. but sometimes it can't be helped. well, maybe it can, and it's just too much work. who knows. but i'm willing to work on it now. even tho i am trapped in my chair for the day today -- this belt thing really is a pain. it's freezin anyhow-- so even if i was more mobile, i would prolly be sittin right here under my blanky like i am anyhow.

i know--- a lot of you are a lot colder than i am, and i feel for ya-- i really do. especially for those of you with pain issues. if you are like me, the cold weather just doubles it. i hope those of you in the bad snow and cold can stay as warm and safe as possible.

i'm thinkin of ya-
happy days to everyone

latah peeps-