Wednesday, April 9, 2008

it works! and more----

mornin folks--

i guess i'm just wasting time here.. looking for pics to go with this post, cuz as i search for pics, peeps are commenting below-- so i will get this up here real quick-- without the silly photos this time. (ok , one photo) :))

sooo anyhow. first off----

yes-- the A/C IS working !!! the guys were here last night til almost 9.. i guess at least 830 or so.
the a/c was on, and blowing cold when they left--- but .. always a BUT right? anyhow-- they think there may still be a leak.. a freon leak. i really don't know why they think that. you'd think they should be confident in their work. wouldn't you? there were two of them. geesh. anyhow. they wanted to come back today-- to check, but i won't be here part of the day-- so i said tomorrow would be better .. so tomorrow it shall be. this is all so irritating.
anyhow-- like i said though-- so far, so good. we ran the a/c all night-- and it was actually almost cold.. as it was a stormy cool night anyhow. so i am really hoping for NO more problems.

however-- as for the "critters" in the attic.. still haven't really found anything. i did find "evidence " that "something" is eating the stuff/poison that i put up there, and carrying it around.. but i haven't sen the actual "thing" yet. i do think once people stop going up and down ten times a day they will be running around more-- and we will get em though !! i hope.

now-- we found found out a new "thing" about EEVEE last night.. and it's not so great. it was like trying to sleep with a colicky two month old baby ! we had a pretty bad thunderstorm roll through in the night.. maybe around ten pm... well.. some of you may know that some dogs will be what they call "gun shy".. some will be afraid of loud noises.. or thunder.
well... we found out last night that eevee, is terrified... of thunder. it made for a horrible night sleep for both soulman and i.
first-- when it started.. she was outside-- i was in bed-- and soulman-- of course-- was playin x-box live. he couldn't really hear everything that was going on, because of the noise and talking etc on the game/headset etc... but i could hear the thunder and eevee freaking out.... so i kept hollering for him to bring her into the bedroom ...
finally he says she was outside. well.. i'm like-- "it's thundering!!!" so he brings her in. he puts her in her crate in the bedroom, and goes back out. it wasn't long before i fell asleep--and i didnt hear anything else til maybe 12 - ish. by then soulman was in bed too.. and eevee was havin an absolute fit in her crate. whining, barking, scratching the bars.. name it-- any kind of noise she could make-- she was making it. we tried to ignore her, and sleep-- it didn't work. finally after half an hour or an hour--- of not sleeping only listening to her and talking to her-- did we finally give in and let her loose. we thought maybe out of her crate she would feel better, and find a place to lay down. did it happen that way??? NO. no it did not.
it was even worse. not only did she whine at every thunder and noise... she paced, and her nails clicked on the wood floor, and she walked from y side to his and panted in our faces and whimpered. and THIS went on forever. til finally---- i tried to just get her into our bed. which is really high off the ground. and she had a hard time with that-- but first she had a hard time figuring out what exactly we wanted her to do-- cuz she hasn't been allowed on the bed before. so i would try to pat the bed and call her up--and when she wouldn't get up--he would do it-- so instead of getting on the bed..she his side of the bed! over-and over again... for-ever! finally-- soulman just grabbed her and yanked her up onto the bed..and petted her til she settled down. had to be like 130 or so. not sure.
then something happened at 230-- i just dont even remember what it was-- but we were both awake talking to each other--and our new bed partner for a while... oh the joy of it all. :))
next thing i know-- it was like 6 a.m and i woke up for no reason really... guess cuz it was just time to wake up- even though my alarm was set for 515.. i found it on my stomach (my cell phone).. must've turned it off and went back to sleep).... so i got up.
hubby got up a few minutes later..

and the day began.. both of us totally exhausted after a night with our new baby.
at least we know what do to next time-- we'll begin the night with her in bed with us.. and not torture her--or ourselves for hours trying to figure out what calms her in a thunderstorm.
holy crap-- wouldn't you think their old owners would have told us she was afraid of thunder? or did they just leave the poor baby outside too often to know? how sad for her if she was that scared all alone outside huh?

anyhow--- that was my night--
how was y'alls???