Saturday, June 30, 2007


happy saturday y'all.
well, actually, how happy can ya be at 5 a.m on a saturday? but i'm not doin too awful bad, really. hope you aren't either. but tell me, why is it always a day i don't "have" to get up early, that i DO. erg.

ok. apparently, i have been ordered...again, in a polite way... if being called a "posting slacker " is polite... it is... to update. it's nice to missed! even though i have been keeping up in the comment section of my below post. unlike some other people i know. ehem! BUT... others have done real well. AND have assisted me in finding a new.. yes ANOTHER.. new name for my blog.
soon, it shall be called


i can only hope that there isn't one already out there. that would pretty much suck . so don't stop yet with the suggestions, etc on the below post...
and also...if you haven't seen them all yet... read the comments... there are some great funny ones. especially OLDYS!

( Obviously... i have already changed the title, and my screen name...but still, if you haven't read all the suggestions and comments on the name change post below , you should...good humor to be found there!)

alrighty then....movin on to the "update':

oh... i could start with... yesterday..was the LAST day of summer school ! woo hoo! the kid made consistent +90's each week on her progress reports !!!! and swears, it will never happen again. she obviously hated it, but she did work hard, and it gave her a reason to get out of it was good. but, now that it's over... what am i gonna do with her? she must get some motivation goin. good gosh. i need a cattle prod !

ok, next... yesterday, we also had quite a break in the rain...of course we had a little early... and a lot in late afternoon and evening... but in between... we took the boat out and went fishing. seize the day, ya know! the "new" truck pulled beautifully! yippee ! although.... it was miserably HOT and HUMID out there. we fished for hours, and apparently over an hour longer than we should have. we were both sickly hot by the time we left. the fish weren't very active either. hubby got like four, but only one good one. maybe a bit over two pounds or so. the others were quite small. he got one baby spotted bass, that was soooo adorable, he succumbed to a photo! he's such a good sport!

DAMN.. it looks even SMALLER with HIM holding it! (do you like his new haircut? )

as for me... i didn't catch a single fish. not even a baby. i was very disappointed. but ya know, i have NEVER, in like six years had much luck on that particular lake. hubby does pretty good there...but i never have! not sure why. my luck is at the creek. i have never done as well as i do at that creek! but... the flooding has really turned the fish off there. i don't know when the fishing will get good there again. i had some good fishing luck in kansas...i got some real nice ones there... but i would NEVER live there again.

ok...anyhow... ya, i didn't catch anything but a sunburn yesterday. hubby got burnt too. but at least he got fish! so... i finally had sort of quit fishing for a while..i sat down..and just watched maybe for half hour, then finally told him, i am really getting heat sick here. he said, why didn't you say something? i said, i didn't wanna ruin your fun. he said MY fun?! he had also been miserable for over an hour. LOL... always thinking of the other. i told him...we need to stop being so considerate out here...if you ever got sick out here, i would NEVER find our way back to the ramp! he only laughed at me... but i was damned serious! i can't find my way places in my car! how the hell am i supposed to find the freakin boat ramp if he's passed out or something???? so... we decided we'd better get a flair gun! LOL.
so anyhow, we didn't waste anymore time to get goin. we were miserable. i splashed lake water on my face, and soaked my hat in the water to cool off some. it felt good for a while...but it didn't smell too good.
then we get to the ramp... and what starts pouring rain. we got out of there just in time! phew.

ok.. fast forward. we get home. we come inside to cool off, relax , recover, talk to the girl etc... ordered pizza..oh yum, y'all know how much i love pizza. NOT. so, after we eat... we go to unload and get the boat off the street and into the driveway. that shouldn't be a problem right? at the time, it had stopped raining. BUT... wouldn't ya know it... (family curse comes into play here)...
we get out there... i guide hubby in as he backs the boat into the driveway... no problemo there. BUT.... he goes to unlock the "brand new trailer lock"... and what happens? not only does the sky open up... and lightening begins to go off like a firework show... of course with very loud and close thunder! he CANNOT find the the brand new lock. the 8.00 lock he bought at the store with the hitch ball THAT morning! so there i am... sitting in the truck... half way into traffic.. not heavy's a residential street, but a lot of cars do go down once in a while. so, i'm sittin there IN the truck, in the pouring rain and lightning... just waiting to get hit by a damn car! we are only the second house from the corner... it wouldn't be so hard for a car to not be focussed on a situation like that in time. we had already looked EVERYWHERE for the keys...NOWHERE to be found. so i look in the mirror... and hubby is in the garage... LAUGHING at me! UGH. i sat there another five or ten minutes, and decided after about three or four cars drove by... fearing for my safety and theirs... i got out of the truck into the POURING rain....and lightning.... and i weren't none too happy about any of this. if he wasn't laughing, i may have handled it better. but i went crazy lady on him. and told him...that i was NOT gonna sit in the middle of the street anymore just to be hit by a f'n car, while he stood there laughing at me!
i shoulda kept my mouth shut... because after that... he stopped laughing alright. :((
and told me he wasn't gonna go out there and get struck by lightning to cut the lock off !
understandable. but that isn't what i expected either. i told him... just park the rig back onto the street til it stops raining! your gonna cause a wreck like this! so we end up in an argument over all this crap. we're both sunburnt, exhausted, wet, cold, and now trying to figure out how to cut a damn NEW lock off the boat trailer. how friggin fun. so, you can just imagine...
anyhow... the keys never did get found... he did manage to cut the lock...and we did, eventually stop bitching about who had the worst end of that deal. me afraid of being hit by a car...or him afraid of being struck by lightning...both in a storm, wet, tired, sunburnt, and angry over lost keys, and a new lock! UGH.
yep... that was a great way to spend an hour of my life!
but, as usual, we got over it, and i'm sure we will live to see tomorrow. we really are pretty child like when we argue. i wish i could see it from the outside looking in. LOL. but in a way it's good. sometimes. sometimes i think we need a good blowout, to just let it all out... but we consider the others feelings too much, and both HATE conflict so much... it makes for a difficult way to argue. oh well. i guess we're lucky that way. to an extent.
other than all that stuff... i accomplished NADA in my pig sty ... it has been totally neglected for a week straight... other than random picking up here and there. i have soooo much to do today. and that includes wally hell. we have been getting to go food for a whole week... i hate it when we do that, but we;ve been so busy with the truck search... and behind on dishes, etc. i am at the point the past two days... i don't even have anything to cook in or eat off of. what a nightmare.

there. i think i am now caught up. although i'm sure i left something out, it will come to me later...if i A0get caught up on my crap... or B) give up on my crap.

i am in dire need of all my cleaning fairies... but josie kidnapped my dish fairie! someone go get him!!!!