Saturday, April 30, 2011

GOOD NEWS - to those who know Mary @ Pathways!

howdy peeps --  just to let ya know -- i just got a phone call from Mary @ Pathways -  i know many of you who read here read her page too.  i just want to pass along the message that she and her family are all doing ok - considering the horrible circumstances of the recent tornado.
she asked that i send a shout out in her place to those who are worried about her :

her voice was audibly shaken , but she and harry are fine. at least physically so.  they have their reefer tanks on a generator -- as well as the rest of their home.  luckily their structure suffered no severe damage other than a little roof and shingle damage. but they are sheltered -- in a most primitive sounding way.

she had been in fear of running out of her medications but had found there is a 'place' set up to fill RX's for those who can't get them.  we weren't able to talk long - as she said - the phones  - come and go.  the important thing is - thank God , no one (of 'them') was physically harmed in what was for her and harry  several terrifying hours - spent in their hall way in the wrath of this awful tornado. 

as in the usual Mary - slash - Harry way -- they are doing as much as they can for others in their neighborhood - who suffered much more damage -- to their homes, and possibly bodies .  they are keeping food for some neighbors -- and of course offering what they have to those who were left with nothing.  as in the way that tornadoes do -- one home was 'saved' while the other was leveled.   also, as many folks who witness, and by the grace of God , survive these types of things - Mary was left with a total lack of words to describe what they had gone through.  not for lack of trying -- the words are not there.  this has been and is an obvious traumatic event for her.  they have been without power for the days since the tornado -- and a possible 7 + days longer to come.  (as per their electric/power source).

through it all -- she is holding strong -- as those who know her -- always does.  the circumstances they are living under at this time is not easy for her -- or anyone nearby .  obviously.  but they are lucky enough to have a couple of generators to supply their needs. 

 i just wanted you to know that if you are among the many praying for her - and hers- God, as always hears you !   He surely has big plans for her in the future.  i am amazed at all she has been through -- and conquered over the past couple of years ... i can't wait to see what happens next !

i hope and pray that it is all smooth sailing and time for her to receive the blessings that she has and continues to share !  there just aren't many made like Mary -- keep praying for her and her family.

i love that woman !!!