Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i woke up today -- did you

i forgot to mention that the other day (Sunday) , i dropped audrey off to go to church . i would have gone to pick her up, but she decided she wanted to walk home, it was only about a 1/4 mile. the weather was nice , so i didn't argue-- i did double check tho, and tell her i didn't mind goin back to get her. she was sure she wanted to walk. so i said ok, and came home.
well, between home and church is chiken-express... and she got a huge laugh at the sign they had up...
this one:
she said-- and i quote:
"you know you aren't in California when you see this"

i cracked up laughin. i reckon they aint got no gizzards out in california. that's a shame. cuz when i told soulman after he got back yesterday that 'our' chicken-express now had livers and gizzards ---- just guess what we had for dinner????
well... us bein me and soulman. the rest of the gang -- audrey, soulkid, and soulkid 2 for the night... had chicken strips. but hey-- i love me some fried gizzards. :))
i tried to get soulkid to try one-- but once she found out what they were---- she politely refused.
bwa hahahahahahah
she did, however have a new foodie experience in Austin-- raw mushrooms--in her salad. and guess what? she liked them ! haha. she swore she would never eat a mushroom.
what should we try next? perhaps..... beets? or is that cruel? they would disguise nicely as a crabapple tho. hmmm. she finally eats onions. now mushrooms. there's gotta be somethin i can get the girl to eat. suggestions?

anyhow--- not much more to say. my life has been quite slow paced and spent mostly here at the house lately. leaving me with little to nothin to blog about.

so--- i reckon i shall leave you with a couple more pix of the clan in Austin. than i am outta heah----
-- try clickin on em to make em bigger --

the famous frog - on 'the drag'
their gonna knock this building down soon
goodbye froggie :((

she's cool, she knows it :))

happy tuesday folks!