Monday, December 15, 2008

it's a holly jolly christmas

yep, bad hair, wind, crooked hat, and all.... i got a fish. a big ole bass. i didn't weigh him, but he's a big'n. he was takin my drag. i haven't had a fish do that in a very long time. my guess was three pounds.. could be more, could be less. either way-- he fought like a five pounder. and it was the funnest three minutes of the last 4 months of my life. :))

i even got him on my 2nd cast ! hahaha. yep.

guess what happened on my first cast?

two casts-- two fish. i was happy. i don't remember the last time i even went fishing. september-- maybe. my body felt every bit of it. but it was worth it. and aside from the wind, it was a warm day.
after the second fish, i threw about ten more casts, and didn't get any more hits, so i just sat down, and waited for hubby to finish. he got one fish, and then we left. we had things to do and places to go. but were glad we took the time to fish a little. God knows when we'll be blessed with another day like that. it'll prolly be hell froze over til february from here on out. ugh, i hope not.

so after that we came home and thought we would be going out to get some stuff for the christmas tree that we couldn't find in storage-- it never happens that way tho. we did get home fairly early-- maybe 430. but we were locked out of the house :)) our house. soul kid was in the shower -- had the deadbolt on.. the one which we have no key for. :)) it took ten minutes before she finally heard the dogs barking and figured it must be us. well duh = how bout callin and seein where we are before ya lock us out--- right?

then of course she needs her two hour primp time. in that time hubby falls asleep on the couch, i start watchin a movie on tv, when she finally bee-bops her butt out here sayin-- wow, i fell asleep. i was like WHAT!? ya, almost an hour, i didn't mean to. UGH. i was so tired myself. if i knew she was sleepin too, i woulda took a nap -- erg!

anyhow, when she finally revived herself , and her dad-- we finally got goin around 6 or so--- by then we had to stop on the way and eat-- just so we wouldn't spend 300.00 over budget at the store cuz we were all stahvin.

so, we finally get to the store-- wally hell to be exact. y'all know it's my favorite place to be. got some necessities, and tree stuff, and got outta there. i hate crowds. especially end of the year crowds. omg. i haven't even begun my christmas shopping. even though there won't be much of that this year--- i dread it all. every minute of it. i wish i could do it online , i just worry that it'll be crap. i don't trust online crap unless i know for sure what i'm payin for.

anyhow-- we get home... the entire outing almost was nuthin but conflict between somebody. that does absolute wonders for a chronic migraine-- lemmee tell ya.

we put all the crap away-- and begin to put up the tree... to the merry , jolly , happy tune of a dallas cowboys football game. that was a first in my life. anyone else do that? isn't it just the greatest?

anyhow-- since a argument in the morning-- actually a different argument a couple days ago--and the one in the morning that broke the camels back-- i had said--
screw it-- lets just plug in the fiber optic foot tall tree and be done with the whole damn thing. not. no way would either of them have any part of that. they want the "big tree"
. and i'm just the mean lady. i stayed out there and helped, and did stuff, and tried to be jolly, and social, etc. it just didn't last very long.
i'm not sure why.
stress level? physical crap? emotional bullshit? whatever it was... i'll take the hit-- well... the first hit. i had a snide remark about the football game. didn't change anything tho. then later... other attitudes came into play. and i went into my room.
then the guilt trip from hell was laid on me. y'all know how fun that is, i'm sure.
but i stayed in there-- with the door open--which i never do. until they were ready to put the angel up on top. we've never missed a year without a pic of the two of them puttin the angel up. ever since soulkid was able. he would pick her up and she would put her up. so i couldn't dare miss that shot. so i came out and took that and other pix. and soulman took a few too.

wanna see?