Tuesday, October 18, 2011

well hell - now ith part 2 (@1050 pm)

have i not had enough to deal with in the last week or two already?  yeh, it's not been all bad. i know that.  in fact, i can't even say that it's been 'bad'.  just nerve wracking. nearly every single day, it's been 'somethin'.  and yup, not every somethin is about me. but it does affect me.  i'm not a robot.  i've been trying to not be so 'revealing' on my blog since i kinda got back to posting more often.  not sure how that's going.  or if it's better or worse for you.  hell, i don't really even know how many are readin here.  i know of  the few who leave comments -- you know i love the comments.  sorry i haven't been answerin for a while - as i said - hectic in soul land lately.  i'll get back on track.  eventually :((

well.  looks like you get a break already -- soulkid just brought some lunch home -- i can't figure out how to save this for later -- yup i forgot -- so guess i'll post it and get back to it later.

hope y'all have good afternoons - catchya tonight i reckon -

'chow'  :))

----------  hello again ---

yeh, i know - took me a while to get back.  sorry.  i never really found anything new to add .  well.  i sort of had something ore to say when i left, just not a way to say it.  now, after a kinda lethargic feeling day, including a two hour nap, and a lot of TV . i decided i'd just let this topic go. it's too soon to be bringin it up anyways.  i don't even know why i'm thinkin about it.  i'll get to it when i get to it.

so, what i am close to - and gettin to right now is bed time.  and my bed.  so all i have to say at this time is goodnight -

or even good morning - if your just wakin up or comin in with your coffee.  wish this was a better post.  i know it sucks and i should just file it in the round - file.. but it's already here , and that would take effort.

so.  off i go --- til next i write -
til then - sweet dreams -
-- speakin of dreams ? never take heavy pain meds at bed time. yowza !  crazy dreams the last few days... i skipped pain meds tonight ! i might pay for it - but i bet i'll have better dreams -

or will i ?