Thursday, March 20, 2008

don't know if i told you this before ??


has always been one of my biggest fears.
just thought i'd share that with ya.

OH-- somethin else ???

is comin on April 1st for the new season -
i just love this show-
Chef Ramsay is Such an ASS.
but he's a funny ass....
well.. unless he yelled at ME that way -
then i would prolly cry. :))

hiya peeps

hey y'all,
i don't think i'm gonna be around much today -- maybe -- maybe not. but last night was not pleasant here. so i will get caught up -- when feel more with it.

as for last night here?
'bout mid evening, i started gettin a migraine. always fun , right? not.

but -- i had -- well, hubby; picked up a new rx for headaches from the new neuro dr when he went to pick up the dog earlier . so i tried it. and OMG. not only did it make me sneeze for like ten minutes straight... which was actually kinda funny -- for a minute.
but a couple hours later, not only had the headache gotten worse-- and THREE soulkids running and screaming throughout the house only making it worse --

THIS- began---

and NEVER stopped !!!!
i honestly don't think i have EVER in my life
puked as much in my life !!
that's a lot of life people.
literally , EVERY ten-twenty minutes;
i would have an episode.
i was glad to have had a light dinner--
but by the time hubby insisted-
and i gave in- to go to the hospital-
i felt like i was gonna die.
(this -vomiting went on from like 10 pm - 4 am. -
it was about 3 am, when we left for the hospital-on a work night, with three kids ,
and a new dog here.
can we say SOAB!?)

THIS is all that saved me :

as even sips of water would not stay where it belonged.
hell, SPIT wouldn't stay where it belonged. :((

and, ya know what else???
just so ya know-
it's NOT a good thing when ER staff becomes familiar to you-
especially when YOU are senile ME !

so, anyhow.. they pushed IV's, gave me meds for

the headache
the puking
hydrortisone- for the addisons
and of course IV fluid

we were there about two hours i guess,
and we hated it-
but it was the only way either of us would get through the night.

soulman didn't even get mad at me, that he had taken that day off work already-
and would now be lookin at taking another day off-
no way could he teach after NO sleep, and a night like that.
but they were cool about it.
i feel so bad when i drag him to doctors in the middle of the night-
or at all really.
he's so good to me.

so ...
that's my story , and i'm stickin to it-

catcha latah