Thursday, March 6, 2008

told ya it's a 333 day ! (part 1 and 2)

(these pix were taken about 12:30 -- i think)

THIS is NOT what i moved to Texas for--- just so ya know. and also-- just so ya know-- it was almost 65 degrees yesterday!!!

(and THESE? about 3:15 or so)

HOLY CRAP - (t-day pt 2)

oh man... y'all know about the weirdo number right ? i don't know what else to call it. but the number that i see all the time. on the clock.. on the road... at the gas pump...on the tv.. on my blog.. on your blog.. in my bank... just every-damn-where.... well.... guess what?
i just checked my site-meter.. cuz i haven't had many comments today-- so i was just kinda wondering "am i boring? - or is no one visiting today? --- well, guess what i found out? --- well, first --- people are visiting.. 17 so far today, to be exact -- but only like four since my post went up... anyhow... guess what the average visit time is???

that's right..... and i just am dying to know the significance of that number!! oh, hell... maybe i shouldn't say it that way. i used to think that my end up being my mothers time of death... it wasn't-- perhaps it will be mine! WTH??? why does a person see a number .. almost every day?? and sometimes more than once a day? annnnnnd.... like i said before--- it's not just me-- it's my sis toooooooo. it's just freaky. f-a-reaky.

okay. i'm done.

until i see it again.

it's like a recurring nightmare i say. too weird .


does that surprise you? i thought not.. y'all know by now-- i DO love FOOD!!!

you also may know that i have gone from cooking very yummy, almost gourmet meals, almost nightly--- to , if we're lucky-- once a week!

so guess what? the gourmet bug bit me last night, and i actually got off my ass and created an original soul recipe yet again. go me!
it was a hit-- of course. not to brag-- but how can i not? when it comes to cooking or fishing-- i can claim the right.. correct? :))

so anyhow... wanna know what i cooked? i don't mind sharing my recipes.
even though-- i do have publishing a cookbook on my list of things to do "someday"
i even have it in progress.. along with about a dozen other put off "projects".

ok.. anyhow, ya ready?
it sounds a bit weird... but really-- it's YUMMY !

i didn't name it yet-- but i'll take suggestions :))

i get my jerk seasoning in bulk at "central market" but i guess you could use whatever ya want.
used maybe-- 2-3 TBSPNS

plain ole sesame seeds.. from a jar.
PLUS-- salt, pepper, garlic salt-
("to taste" :)) - don't you love that phrase? )

this would be the "secret ingredient" :))
cinnamon dolce syrup - from starbucks.. $6.95 a bottle.. but a little goes a LONG way.
i only used about two tablespoons ...

chinese rice noodles....
not the brand i used-- all i know is the pkg was orange :))
so any will do :))
or , you could use rice if ya want-

perhaps a bit out of order--
but shrimp- obviously-
i had large ones... so i cut them into smaller pieces -
(obviously, ya want the tails off.. duh- i don't know why ppl say that in recipes.
perhaps some people really don't think ahead???

ahhhhhhh... and BEEF!!!!
OR you could use chicken-- jamie :))
i didn't use expensive meat-- we po peeps.
i used "mock chuck steak.. or some such thing...
four little steaks ran like 5 bucks or so---
i always call it "poor mans rib eye-- cuz if ya cook it right-- it does kinda taste a little like a rib eye.... see the "marbeling" :))
it's probably really ass-fat.. who knows?
that's why i never look at those cow diagrams-- of where each cut comes from--
i don't want to know-

ok-- so here's how ya do it---

ya cut the meat into small pieces-- bite size slices or chunks...
put it in a shallow bowl -- add the jerk , CD syrup, seeds and spices.. mix it up-- let it sit maybe five minutes...

heat the pan.... peel shrimp while ya wait-- start the noodle water etc....

when the pan is ready start the meat--- when it's almost done--- add the shrimp-- so it doesn't overcook...

oh crap!!!
side note-- i also added sauted (is that spelled wrong?)
mushrooms and diced red onions.. YUMMO :))
and for once-- i followed rachel rays advice-- and didn't add salt to the mushrooms.. she says it makes them watery-- which really, i have noticed-- so i didn't.. and guess what?? she's right--- hmmm. so don't add salt... until they're done.

ok--- where was i??

ok.. by now you should be cooking the noodles-- the ones i had said to boil for ten minutes--- which i thought semed too long--so i went 8-- and was right on.. so check them a little early...unless you like mush.

so anyhow..... since we have a picky eater in the family-- i couldn't mix it all up like i wanted to-- we had to just pile it all up on our plates...and soulkid only ate the meat mixture-- but she liked it-- and that's sayin somethin....
but really it was good.. and i will make it again sometime.

if you try it-- i wanna know whatcha think !

other than that-- i'll post again later-- i cannot believe how late it is already!