Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i smell onions-- and other dumb stuff in my world

it's true.  the damn rat -- i mean ground hog was right.  spring is about to sprung.  know how i know?  cuz i smell onions!  i mentioned this just before spring time last year too.  some might remember?  i had no clue why i smelled onions every time i walked outside .. until my neighbor told me.  it's wild onion - seed- or blossoms- or some such thing - blowin in the wind , then growing near by.   weird part?  i was just lookin - on google - for a pic of some to show you .. cuz i have yet to see any of the mysterious onions with the strong enough to knock ya down smell.  who knew there were so many varieties of a wild onion???  here's a few i found...

this is the kind i was lookin for --

not this --

or this ---

or any of the other 'flower lookin' ones i found online today.  i been lookin for a dang onion!  more like the top pic.  ugh.

anyhow---  sorry folks.  i have recently had a few folks check in on me.  so i figured i better get my butt in here and let y'all know i'm not smellin onions from under ground --- nope - i am still alive.  just not online a whole lot.

not much explanation to that is there?  just been doin other things.  nothin personal folks -- i've missed all of ya -- hopefully i can get to catchin up -- ehem.. shaddup -- i know i say that all the time -- sometimes it happens.  it won't be today tho -- lots to do -- actually OUT of the house.  i been out a lot lately actually.  surprised even me.  i think i'm back to hibernating tho. last couple days, i've hardly moved.  bleh.  no worries.  just a speed-bump.
i hope.  i was runnin 150 MPH this last month or so.  then .. whamo-- what happened?

i'm sure gettin out today will help.

i'll catchyall latah

hope all is well with y'all-