Thursday, May 6, 2010

just so ya know ---

no folks, i haven't fallen off the face of the earth or anything. i am still kickin. somewhat. sort of. ok, not really. i'm actually still attempting to recover from a couple days of a pitiful attempt at a quick spring cleaning of the soul-crib. thank God for the soul clan, they helped in a huge way in making the house presentable for my sis, and a long time family friend to arrive. they came on, i don't even remember what day, but left yesterday morning. the cats flew in from London to DFW on ummm... tuesday, i think, then they left early yesterday a.m. well, sorta early. they got back to her place, making pretty good time. the lot of us were sooo exhausted i think we all coulda used a stay in some sort of friggin 'home' with zero responsibilities for a few days. i know i still need a day or two to fully recuperate. i was busy all day yesterday. and all of this morning so far. i'm hoping to be done with all of my 'have to do's, very very soon, and jump back into my jammies for the rest of the day- and spend it in bed til it's time to pick up the soulkid at school. YES you did hear that right . AT SCHOOL. her first day was yesterday, and we are all thrilled. even her. i'm so happy. she is too. she only has 4 or 5 weeks left of school til summer break, but there is a three night a week option of night school. she is willing to go... it's ME who is worried that she will get overwhelmed and overloaded-- and burnt out, and let her grades fall. i asked about going one night a week-- that is a possibility-- i want to see how things go this first week though. then of course there's summer school -- but wouldn't ya know it-- BOTH classes -- are at times BOTH of our trips are planned. dammit. so. we shall see how that goes. but i will tell ya she's glad to be in school-- occupied , and "not a bum". as she called it.

SMOCHAS better and more detailed blog post of our visit .. i just don't have the brain power for such things :((

anyhow peeps-- i just wanted to check in with ya and say hello. so. hello peeps.
hope all is well in your worlds. i'm just tryin to catch up and chill in mine. things are beginning to look a little bit like my own world again. i don't know how to react. :))