Thursday, June 3, 2010

did ya get the memo?

it's in the comments below :))

see ya on the othah side folks

oh hell blanche died.

Rue McClanahan , AKA Blanche Devereaux from the Golden Girls. three out of four are gone now. that only leaves Betty White. -- Rose. bummer.

that show was so great. i still watch it sometimes. i'm sure i've seen every one of em at least twice by now, but i keep watchin em. i can even 'still hear' the way my then 3 year old youngest nephew-- with a speech impediment (now fixed) would say the shows name. he had a 'speak' all his own. if you weren't part of the family, you were most likely not allowed to be part of his language. i lived most of his young life states away from him, but i was blessed enough to see him enough to learn and understand his special speak. and he also was a fan of the Golden Girls, even as a boy at the age of 3.... he enjoyed watching "the o'den oi'wez". don't ask.. you can only attempt to decipher it. try bein at dennys when he ordered - " bite and baby " which when interpreted was equivelent to "sprite and gravy." even his own grandmother couldn't figure out that one .. who did? yep -- mois :))

so anyhow -- enough of that.

i don't guess i have much else to say.

the a/c obviously is still out. since it isn't monday yet. right. luckily, it is surprisingly not 300 degrees in here. it's a bit uncomfortable, but maybe around 80 ish. not 95 like i expected. the previous owners installed that ' flash- insulation ' thing in the attic-- go ahead and laugh, i don't know what it's called. the silver alluminum lookin inside the attic roof thing. you know what i'm talkin about. so anyhow-- if you ever wondered if it works? it obviously does. but i have no idea what it costs cuz it was here when we got here.

other than that-- today is packing day for me, and i hope to get up early and get on the road to go see my sis. i'm ready for somethin different. let's just hope the drive doesn't kill me and make me a worthless guest to be with. i hope to teach them how to fish -- if i succeed i will have pix to show ya -- well, i'll have pix regardless-- but i bet my sis hasn't caught a fish since she was maybe 5 years old -- haha.

i can't wait to go. i almost wish i could leave right now.

see ya later folks-