Tuesday, November 17, 2009

howdy peoples-

well, where to begin?
i need to keep this short and sweet-- well, short at least. i gotta get movin soon.
so, i spose i'll start with the dr. report. well, at least what i remember of it. nothin serious. woo hoo. no bleed- anywhere. so that is good. that was everyone's main concern. so, yeh, good news there. the only thing i'm waitin on-- well, 2 things - 1- they did a biopsy of 'something' in my belly. i really don't remember what he said it was- and wouldn't ya know it- hubby doesn't either. hmmm.
and 2- i need to have a follow up soon - a capsule camera swallow test done . anyone heard of that before? where ya swallow an actual camera! strange huh. well, i don't know when that will be- sometime after the biopsy gets beck i reckon. it is so they can see more of the intestinal tract than with the regular scope. i guess it shows the entire stomach to exit. perhaps. science. what a strange and wonderful thing. if only i was 25 years younger.

so. anyhow. not much else has been goin on. yesterday i did sleep after the test , then i ate , drank coffee, and ate some more. then i watched my 'programs' :)) (house and lie to me) . i went to bed after that. woke up this morning about 7 ish -- and hurt like hell all over. i need to get up and around today and get these old bones movin. two or three days of sittin on butt -- no pun intended-- has done no good at all for my ole bod. so i'm gonna do some work around the house- and run some errands and hopefully get back to life. dehydration and livin the still- life does me no good these days.

hope you all have happy days in your worlds today -
i'm gonna try-