Tuesday, January 6, 2009

flyin by the seat of my pants

well folks i finally did it. finally decided i'd let go of some of the stress here and take a break. in just a few short hours-- too short i might add, seein as i am not even close to ready--- i will be on an airplane, headin to jamies' place !!!! yep-- that would be dear liza -- and or simonsays to some of you. always jamie to me . a visit has been needed for both of us for quite a while lately, but time or pain levels wouldn't allow it. well, yesterday , i said screw it. i'm gettin a ticket, and we're gonna have fun for a few days. however much fun a cold and snow whimp can have in iowa in january --- well.. i'll do my best. she promised she wouldn't wouldn't let me freeze to death-- so if i don't come back-- blame her :))

i shall see you folks later on-- sometime.

hope your weeks are happy in your worlds--
i have a good feelin about mine -- finally.

laterz people...