Thursday, May 28, 2009

here's a little meme that Donna wanted me to do - i aim to please :))

Three names I go by:

1. mom
2. soul
3. brezz -- and brenda :))

Three Jobs I've had in my life:

1. Fast food hell
2. exterminator / bug lady
3. aircraft engine mechanic (in the Navy)

Three places I've lived:

1. san diego, ca
2. orange park , fl
3. watauga, tx

Three TV Shows I watch:

1. house
2. lie to me
3. judge judy

Three places I've been:

1. diego garcia (british indian ocean territory) USN
2. subic bay , philipines
3. jail :)) (only overnight peeps , don't hate me)

Three People who e-mail me regularly:

1. donna
2. angie
3. smocha
(in no particular order)

Three of my favorite foods:
1. smoked brisket
2. rib-eye steak
3. lobster
it asked for faves-- doesn't mean i eat em every day :))
that would be more like-
chef boy r dee

Three friends I think will respond:

1. whoever
2. wants
3. it

Three Things I'm looking forward to:

1. Angie gettin her butt out here!
2. buyin a house---preferably one we all will love
3. gettin my life and body back under control (it's been a tough couple years --- i'm really hoping for things to change soon.

fax illiterate, attentention to detail deficit disorder and other random crap-

i know y'all know what this is:

i can probably safely bet that many of you even
have one in your own home.

i bet i can even even safely say that almost all of you
know how to properly, and efficiently use one.

well, guess what?
i'm not like you people out there.
i am fax machine illiterate.
i have fax attention deficit disorder.
my attempt at faxing #22 pages of loan aps and paperwork
yesterday, was nothing short of a disaster.
a public show of my ice age knowledge of the electronic age.
not to mention a quite humiliating experience.
and above all--- expensive as hell.

has anyone used a public- pay for use fax machine lately?
i faxed 20 pages-- it cost me over 20.00!!
they have fax machines you can BUY for like just over 100.00!
what kind of scam is that?
yet people-- like me-- do it.
wanna know the worst part?
i HAVE a perfectly fine fax machine out in my garage--
somewhere. in a box. still to be unpacked from our move from NM.
but anyhow-- i finally got it all done - and sent-
and am now waiting to hear from the
good news fairy.
think there is one? let there be one.

ok-- what else?
this carpool crap never ever works out for us.
i think it's a set up. a conspiracy of sorts.
we've tried this sort of thing before,
then the other parent has some sort of change
and we end up still doing the driving--
with NO benefit for us.
in fact-- it ends up that we go out of our way,
and the other parent does nothing.
how does that happen?
this latest "carpool adventure"
was supposed to be soulkid get piucked up and taken to school
and i pick up and drop off after school....
sounds simple enough , right?
the other dad , just this week decides to show up-
unannounced like 20 minutes early and expect MY lally gaggin child to be ready!
NOT gonna happen, ever. she barely gets out the door on time as it is.
she has always been hard to get motivated in the morning, and now, he decides to
come almost half an hour early. nope. i'm not gonna go thru that hassle. not gonna drag her outta bed early-- or argue for that extra half hour rushing her.
so, that little idea went out the window---
so guess what?
i still drive her in... AND take HIS kid home.
how damn convenient is that?
am i just too friggin nice or what?
i would like to think it's nice--
and not being a doormat.
i mean the kid lives like two blocks away. it really isn't a big deal.
just principals.
and another thing-- i just don't like drivin other kids around.
especially after school-
my kid will ask for a drink or food-- and i either end up
buying for two or three-
or making her wait til i get rid of the rest of them.
making myself out to look poor- or miserly.
but really-- it's not my job to feed these kids.
i do it sometimes- but i can't do it everyday-
i'm startin to look forward to school gettin out-
june 4th.. good lawd it's comin quick.

we decided against her doin summer school this year.
we have a choice at least this time.
but if she were to go? its 150.00 per class- and she would have four.
it just aint happenin.
i can't believe they charge for summer school here.
the saddest part -- for me-- about all this school crap-
she has definitely failed the 9th grade.
i just can't believe it.
all because of the bad choices, and bad attitude she had for the
first three 1/4's of the year.
we all know she woulda flown thru--
but she just gave up.
that really makes me sad.

well anyways.. time to hit the street--speekin of school.
i'll be back.