Saturday, June 6, 2009

i rule this house with an iron paperclip - dammit

and i demand respect. is it any wonder that i don't get any? ya, i didn't think so.

i spent half the day yesterday working -- in the house, and on business stuff. but early on in the midst of my business calls, i got some , well , messed up news. which really wouldn't have bothered me -- much -- if i wouldn't have been lied to about it like a week ago. but i was. so when i was told about it over the phone -- let's just say i came unglued. oh, well.. you prolly need more info don't you? well.. soulkid has gone to summer school for like the last two years -- we're used to it, she should be used to it-- it just seems to be the way things go. if she would have told me about it, i woulda just said bummer, how much does it cost, and i woulda sucked it up, and made any future plans for the month around it. just like always. BUT... that isn't how it happened.
she came up with a story about it being optional, and costing 150.00 per class, and also said she did not have to go, since she would not be going to this same school next year. y'all know how cheapskate i am. i was just glad we wouldn't have to fork over like 600.00 smackers for three weeks of summer school. so i didn't bring it up again.
dum, dum, dum.... til yesterday on the phone. when the lady asked me-- will she be attending the summer program? i say... no....ummm, well... does she have to? she says, let me check her records--- yes, yes she does. i said was a letter sent home for me to sign??? --- yes a form was sent home , about a week ago. --- oh, reallllly??
i was getting madder and madder by the second. the reason i was calling in the first place? was to get her papers-- so that she could go to drivers ed. once again, i find out something negative-- trying to do something FOR her. it was just like the times i would go in her room to get towels or laundry-- and find -- "other things".
i also found out that her grades and attendance may prevent her from even getting to go to drivers ed. ERG. not, a nice phone call... but i was able to keep my composure. so i spose we could say at least I am getting better through all this shit.
BUT when i called her out to confront her with it??? it did NOT go as smoothly.
why i expected it to--- i have no idea.
it wasn't the summer school that upset me. she can go to summer school for the rest of her life for all i care-- next year she may have a job-- if that's the case-- she can even pay for it herself. the part that had me upset ? she lied. and the lieing is a huge part of what we are trying to put a stop to around her after all we have gone through this past year. we will never get this family back on its feet if the bs lieing continues.
i was highly pissed.
so i get her out here-- and i grounded her-- not for summer school--- but for lieing about it. for threading her little tale about it. and for "losing" the form that was sent home.
let the yelling begin.--- not by me. i was cool as a cucumber. until she she dropped the F - bomb-- at me.
i fired back-- she fired back--
i sent her outta here with a list of chores to do---
and need i say--- that NOT ONE THING on that list was done???
i'm not surprised.

then later when dad got home-- i thought he might "talk to her"
but he's of course her ali. he talked to her about fighting with me-- but nothing else.

then later-- like really late-- 1 a.m. one of her friends father was arrested-- yes arrested-- i don't know-- for a warrent or something. i don't know how long he will be in jail... but the little brother and sister got picked up by mom who lives somewhere else-- guess who has the friend-- yep , you guessed it. we inherited a kid. WTH??
i do not mind helping out at all-- don't take that wrong. but what i'm saying is-- with one of her best friends LIVING here? wth kinda grounding is that?? how the hell am i to expect her to get one lick of chores done???

AND i have angie coming... i want my house to be clean... two teens here? omg-- mine is messy enough-- if the other stays that long-- ???? angie will walk straight into hell.
but-- that part can't be helped. the extra kid i mean. the mess? i'm gonna have to find a backbone. too bad it's frickin broke! it aint yellow--- really. i just don't have the strength to argue all day.

sooooo... that was my yesterday---
i really wanted to get the hell outta here today and fish some in the peace and quiet--
but hubby wants to house hunt-- just drive around and look.. so i think we're headed out to do that.

GAWD i hate waiting to hear about this loan. why do they take so frickin long??
i'm havin a nervous breakdown.
not for real peeps.. calm down. i'm ok. just stressed a little.

'll talk to ya lata...