Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Best Banned Commercials (BBC)

would you like to ride with batman??

There's A Bathroom On The Right !

anybody else ever sing those lyrics wrong? (There's a bad moon on the rise) well they are pretty suitable for me today.

i got a rumblin tummy for sure. but... so far, no disasters.

i am finally done with tests ... for a while. PHEW. but, when i got over there earlier... they made me drink even MORE of that damn barium stuff!!! OMG! i didn't expect it, and i did NOT want it. know what i wanted? COFFEE!!!! but, i complied, once again, and did as i was told.
i drank the nasty stuff.... managed to not puke... :)) luckily. cuz my body really really REALLY wanted to reject it.
then came the breathe in... hold it... breathe... breathe in...hold it...breathe...
made me dizzy.
next the dye injection. made my mouth taste like metal.. also made me feel like i was peein my pants!! that was not a good experience...but i was glad that the tech warned me to expect that feeling.
so anyhow. hubby went with me. such a good guy. took a whole day off, just to be with me. i really could have managed this one on my own. but he worries. and actually, i was glad to have him there. he also drove the girl to school this morning..also a big help for me.
so anyhow... now i am on my THIRD cuppa coffee. guess i'll have to stop after this and move to water...which was the recommendation... to flush all the yukky stuff out. hopefully out the bladder... not the other one. :))
anyhoo... hubby just left to go fishing. i told him to give me another half hour to decide if i need to stay by the potty or not. (awful noises comin from my tummy)... if not...i would go meet him and fish for a while. hopefully i will get to fish. it heals me. and Lord knows, i need some healin today!!!
SO... i shall go make a quick trip around blogland and check on my peeps, then , hopefully go fishin.
then i shall play catch up with you, and all my other stuff that has been put off for a couple days. pretty hectic around here lately.
hopefully things will slow down in the next day or so, and i can get back on track with everybody.

happy tuesdays all around!