Monday, April 21, 2008

hi soul - peeps

i just wanted to say hello --

you guys are all wonderful ! thanks for all that y'all said. you're so sweet.

just wanted to let you know that your words gave me just the boost i needed today and i ignored all my chores, errands and bills--- and me and soulman took the boat out and went fishin ! LOL. the house looks like shit, i have at least 6 loads of laundry and towels to wash, bills to pay, groceries to get, dishes to wash, but--- none of it will get done. not today at least. and i didn't even catch one fish! (not for lack of tryin ) -- it was a beautiful day though. just gorgeous. and i am soooo happy i didn't let it slip away. i would have too if it weren't for y'all --- and hubby. he was up early, after little sleep, tellin me to get ready. it was really the last thing i wanted to do- i didn't want to do anything, to be honest. but my priority was the dishes-- at minimum, if nothing else. and i must say-- i expected little else.

on the lake was a restaurant and we tied up there and ate lunch. it wasn't very good, and a little overpriced , but it was a good time. just a different place, and good conversation.. and we weere thirsty and hungry so it served its' purpose there too.

then when we left we stopped at sonic and got giant lemon berry slushes. yumy. i haven't had one in like two years. i'm still drinkin it. good stuff. :))
anyhow-- that's my day.

i figure dinner will be out or ordered in.. cuz i didn't take anything from the freezer this morning-- and it's too late now. bummer huh? besides-- there's not a clean dish in the place- even if i did want to cook.

so- as i sit here now, being home for less than thirty minutes-- i am already on the verge of sleep-- and soulman is already next to me on the couch -- snoring. so you don't have to wonder where i'm heading.

see ya latah